Virginia Shore/ Back Bay/ We Head For The Coast

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Here’s a photo from last summer down near Virginia Beach.  This is the protected area so there are not a lot of people around and no buildings.  It’s a very peaceful place.

I wish I could say the same about the weather today.  Beth tells me there are tornado warnings out there and we are getting ready to head down the road.  Perhaps we will wait a little while.  I have never actually seen a tornado but there have been a few down through the years here in central Virginia.   I rememember one that tore up a local Walmart  store a few years ago.
We are leaving Zachary and the dogs in charge here.  So I am reflecting on the notion that vacations are supposed to be relaxing at the moment.  When does that part start?  Hopefully soon.
It’s supposed to be rainy all week which I don’t mind.  It’s not exactly beach weather to begin with and we are hoping to do some indoor things as well as take walks outdoors.   There’s some exercise equipment and an indoor pool in the condo.   But they are also replacing all the windows and doors to the outside and if they get to us while we are there it will not be a pretty picture.
We may end up in Nags Head!  Or back home by tomorrow (you listening Zachary?).
Oh!  The sun just came out.  Maybe it’s time to make a dash to the coast!   Bye for now.

2 thoughts on “Virginia Shore/ Back Bay/ We Head For The Coast

  1. Tornadoes you really don’t have tornadoes in Virginia do you David !!

    Just kidding I know you guys have them as well, we seem to get our share here, been thru 2 of them, one destroying the school I had just left no more than 10 minutes before it demolished it.

    The other one we watched tear up a corn field and barn at our uncles farm. Hope you are doing well, take care !!

    bernie kaspers last blog post..“Clifty Falls Wildflowers”

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