Camping Out At The Beach/ Virginia Beach/ Maintenance And Repair

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We arrived at the beach yesterday and were amazed to see our building covered in green drapes!  It’s undergoing a facelift and there is scaffolding over much of it.  See the photos for a better idea of the situation.

Beth pointed out to me that you can stand in a room and look at a wall socket and see. . .


Nice.  And the “windows” are covered with plastic.  Fortunately it only got down to forty something last night and there wasn’t much wind up here.  But who knows what it will do tonight!  My lovely wife keeps telling me it’s an adventure.

And we did have a very nice day after the rain cleared out.  We walked the boardwalk and went out to dinner.  Then we got under the blankets and watched Carolina dismantle Michigan State in the NCAA basketball finale.   Congrats to our ACC!

I woke up at six this morning and headed for the beach to take some photos.  It was pretty cold but that didn’t prevent a couple of surfers from heading out into the surf with their wet suits and gloves.

I found a perch and took a few photos of the birds,  our denuded building and the US Corps of Engineers dredging Rudee’s Inlet.  Lots of maintenance going on as the beach folk prepare for another vacation season.

Hopefully somebody will arrive once it is all completed.

Click on the photos to enlarge

[nggallery id=66]

One thought on “Camping Out At The Beach/ Virginia Beach/ Maintenance And Repair

  1. These photographs are stunning David!

    I cannot imagine the beach at this time as the start of April brought winter back for us, but it is starting to clear up nice again for the Easter weekend.

    Well have a fantastic time, despite the cold, with such awesome photo opportunities I am sure your adrenaline is keeping you warm 🙂

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