Easter Ruminations

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First of all I would like to say “Happy Easter” to everyone who reads these lines.   I understand that Easter is based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and we should not treat it lightly.  And, in fact,  I don’t treat it lightly.

I think about Jesus every day (just about).   He has been imprinted on my consciousness ever since I was a small child and now is no time to unimprint him.  I have a small thing growing on the bottom of my foot and it’s probably a wart of some kind.  But I started thinking about it when we were down at the beach.  What if it’s a cancerous growth?  What if they want to cut off my leg?

Then I thought about Jesus.  I often wonder what it must have felt like to have spikes driven into your wrists and then have yourself  jerked up into the air so that you are hanging by these iron rods that have just torn into your flesh.

Does it hurt any less because you are able to transcend your human flesh and be with God the Creator?

I wonder about these things.

And I don’t like pain.  I don’t like mattresses that are too hard.  I don’t like standing too long when my back hurts.  I don’t like restless legs.  I don’t like headaches and depression.

But I’m just a baby when it comes to the really big hurting stuff.

Last week on 60 Minutes they showed some photos of Iranian citizens who had displeased their government and were hung for their troubles.  They have a special way of hanging people in Iran.  They do it slowly.

I don’t understand how human beings find it possible to take other human beings and hoist them into the sky by their necks or their arms. . .

But then we have Sunday morning.  We sleep.  We dream.  We pray.

We are released from our human suffering.  We travel to the heavens.

I love to dream.  And this blog is all about dreaming.  Dreaming is what saves us from this earth.

Dreaming is a reminder that our souls will fly someday and be free from pain.

And death.

“Thank you Jesus”.

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