Back Home Again/ Blog Returns As Well

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We are back in Richmond tonight.  I have so many cool photos to share but I can’t do it tonight.  I’m very tired and need to sleep.  Today I spent a great deal of time trying to get my blog back online.

Yesterday I arose in the morning at my daughter’s home in Leesburg to discover my blog was gone.   In its place was one of the original WordPress themes with no posts.  It did have a name however.   It’s name was Sweetlove.

I was so thrilled.  The day before I had taken an early morning walk and actually photographed the Obama family walking their dog out in back of the White House.  So I posted the photo and everything was moving along pretty well.

And then my blog disappeared.

It returned a little while ago minus a couple of posts.  If you guessed that the post about the President and his family walking the puppy was gone you would be right.

So anyway I have lots of photos to play with and will get them up soon. Here’s one I took at the American History Museum this past week. It was taken right outside the room where they keep the American flag that flew in Baltimore when FS Keyes wrote the Star Spangled Banner. So this lady is dressed up as Betsy Ross I believe.

The woman in the photo portrays not Betsy Ross but Mary Pickersgill, the Baltimore flag maker who made the Star-Spangled Banner, the flag that inspired the national anthem. Check out

American History Museum

2 thoughts on “Back Home Again/ Blog Returns As Well

    1. Thank you Evita. It was an adventure! I did post the photo on my Flickr page and it seems to be doing alright there. Go to Davidlind in Flickr and take a look if you are interested.

      Obamas walk the dog

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