American Idol/ May 5, 2009/ They Call It Rock And Roll/ Elvis Is In The Building/ Live! Led Zeppelin

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We really enjoyed AI last night as the contestants showed their Rock And Roll talents.   Also it was the first time they sang together as part of the competition.  Adam and Allison clearly beat out Kris and Danny in this area.

But then Adam and Allison should be the final two contestants in this year’s contest.

Adam sang Whole Lotta Love. He did well and managed to get the down and dirty inflections into the song.  It’s impossible to avoid comparing his version to the original.  In this sense it was the germ free version of the song.

I cannot help watching Adam and thinking about Elvis however.  He just looks more  like The King and so seeing him sound like Robert Plant  is confusing.  Every once in awhile I started thinking  that Elvis may have really died back in the seventies after all.  And then he got bored and reincarnated as Adam Lambert after deciding that THIS time he wasn’t going to have all that  “women trouble”.


Allison sang Cry Baby and it was awesome. Janis Joplin must have been jamming with Elvis up there and missed him terribly  because  she also took the reincarnation train back to earth.   She has been waiting for the right moment to hook up with him and it’s been difficult because he has changed.

But she is a clever girl and she finally figured it out last night.  These two did an awesome number together and it was for me the most entertaining moment of the show.

American Idol

Elvis and Janis sang Slow Ride on stage together. I never would have dreamed it could happen.  And they looked so good!  Happy, well adjusted and scrubbed up shiny and new.

It’s amazing what a few years in the Heavenly Abode will do for you.

Kris sang Come Together. And he did a great job.  He actually managed to make the song his own and onces again scored a major victory in the artistic sense.  His acapella and his take on the song were wonderful.  Hopefully Kris will be with us another week.


Danny sang Dream On. The improv part was good but Adam would have done an better job with it .  Danny shouldn’t have done a song that put him in Adam’s ballpark.  Everyone noticed.   It’s like a fighter who decides to slug it out with the champ and so goes  toe to toe.  Unless he gets very lucky he’s going to get beat.  And Danny got beat.  Sorry Danny.


Danny and Kris sang Renegade. The harmony parts were very nice.  And it was a good choice of songs because they both are on the block at this point.  It’s just a question of who is going to leave us first and I take back what I said last week about Kris going home this week.

I also said it would only take a small misstep to change the order because all of these contestants are so talented.  And Danny’s scream put him into fourth place. Welcome to the top three Kris.

And welcome back to earth and stardom Elvis and Janis.

Update:  Durn it!!  Allison got kicked off.  All the little girls voting for the cute guys did her in.  Oh well.  But you have to give her credit.  The girl can SING!

And give her credit for the best, most dramatic swan song, in IDOL HISTORY!  It was the bomb as Randy would say.  This girl has heart.  She can sing and I would go downtown to see her in person anytime.

Go Allison!



5 thoughts on “American Idol/ May 5, 2009/ They Call It Rock And Roll/ Elvis Is In The Building/ Live! Led Zeppelin

  1. I’ve never watched Idol and caught the 2 songs at the top. He’s got a great voice, with no sex appeal. When you see Robert Plant, the raw, unfiltered emotion that comes with the delivery of this song (or any for that matter) well, this kids got a great voice, but that’s about it… just my opinion, of course…. 😉

    R(etc… )

    Ron in L.A.s last blog post..Peek-A-Boo Sunset – Manhattan Beach, California

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