Elliot Yamin Gives Outdoor Concert In Richmond, Virginia/ Innsbrook After Hours/ We Have Front Row Seats And Can't See

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Beth, her mother and I went to see Elliot sing last night at Innsbrook After Hours.  Beth made the effort to get front row seats so she and her mom could be up close to the action.  And I tagged along so I could take some photos and hang out with them.

Elliot was having a great time and hopping around prior to the concert with his fans.  Signing autographs, laughing and talking with people.  He clearly enjoys being in Richmond.  He spent part of his youth  growing up not to far from where we live and the children have  memories of playing basketball with him a few times.


Elliot sang well and everybody enjoyed his performance.  I took some photos although not with my good camera because these places tend to frown on anybody taking photos with a good camera.   And many of his fans in the front row apparently couldn’t see him standing in front of them on stage because they had to stand up through  all  of the concert.   And by doing so they  blocked  the view of those who didn’t want to spend the entire time on their feet or were in wheelchairs like , for example,  Beth’s mother.

I’m not saying that many of them couldn’t have used the exercise.   Someone said recently  that it looks like our country may just fold up in a few years after much of the population eats itself to death.

I don’t know about that.  But I do know it’s pretty much impossible to take photos of someone on stage with a 50 mm lens while a group of this size was standing in front of us.

Oh well.  Beth and her mom said they both enjoyed the concert but I heard my wife say a couple of things I never thought I would hear her say.  She really loves and supports Elliot.   And all he’s doing is trying to entertain his fans.

The part that gets me is that most of these women probably value polite behavior a great deal on a day to day basis.  And we are not talking about teenagers here.  These are their parents and even their grandparents.

Here are some more photos.

4 thoughts on “Elliot Yamin Gives Outdoor Concert In Richmond, Virginia/ Innsbrook After Hours/ We Have Front Row Seats And Can't See

  1. Wow, hate fat people much?

    Sorry they were blocking your field of vision.

    I guess you didn’t know that Elliott Yamin’s mother was very ill due to bariatric surgery and passed away last year probably due to complications from it in the end. But at least she died thin.

    Your statements are very hurtful but I still hope you were able to enjoy Elliott Yamin live in concert. He’s a fantastic vocalist and a very loving person.

    1. Did I write a post about hating anyone? Don’t think so. But if you don’t want to hear certain things I guess you might want to put it in those terms and steer it away from issues that maybe are worth talking about.

  2. Thanks for covering Elliott Yamin’s concert in Richmond, and for the wonderful photos, as well. I have always found general admission ticketing kind of “sucky” as well, because of the rush to the front of stage, and this is not necessarily due to heavyset people. Some people cannot not stand for long periods of time or are handicapped in some way and unable to enjoy “up-front” viewing, allowed by SRO ticketing. I hope your at your next concert you can get a better of Elliott performing. He puts so much emotion into his performance that watching him is like nothing else!! He IS totally fabulous and generous with his fans Thanks again!!

  3. It is a pet peeve of mine to have people in front row seats stand all the time so people behind cannot see. It does not matter if they are thin or heavy, it is rude.

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