Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

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I have been married for much of the time since reaching my 21st birthday almost four decades ago.

There were some good years.  And then there were some very bad years.  It has been just about like life in general with all its ups and downs.  In the past almost ten years it has been my good fortune to be very happily married to someone who I consider to be an angel in training.

Or maybe a saint.  I’m not sure about the difference but I do know that when you have loved and lost a couple of times it really, really makes you appreciate a good relationship when it finally happens.  And I was trying to come up with something  today that really sums up what a good relationship is all about.

What is it about this relationship that makes it so good on a day to day basis?

And what have I seen in other relationships among friends and family that makes their relationship so special?

Lots has been written about trust and mutual respect.  More has been written about a relationship that is based on spiritual values and caring.

But one of the things I find that really makes a relationship special is the ability to tell a perfectly stupid joke and get a great response.  You have to have a really relaxed relationship to do this.   And I found that out at the pool yesterday when I made up this joke on the spur of the moment.

Beth and I had just gone for a little swim in the pool.  Neither one of us particularly wanted to expose our overweight and under exercised bodies to the younger crowd who hangs out here with their children on Memorial Day.   But at least we were not blocking anyone’s view!

I digress.  But the point is that I am also far from being at a  healthy weight.   And I try to confront that issue whenever possible by walking around the neighborhood.   It’s a tough problem and I sympathize with anyone who is trying to deal with it.

So why did the chicken cross the road?

To  get to the sunny side of the street!

My wife laughed when I said it or maybe she just gave me a smile.  It was a look that said “You are crazy but I love you”.    We had our swim and we talked for awhile.

We recognize that we are far from perfect in many ways.  And we are relaxed and even happy with our relationship  in spite of that fact.

5 thoughts on “Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

  1. Well, sometimes life is good and sometime it is bad…….but if you finally get someone who just made your life like Heaven…..than all the sorrows of the life gone…. and also with that person you can confidently goes through all your ups and down…….

    Really thanks….. for letting us know about the real relationship….

  2. That is beautiful David!

    I love what you wrote about Beth, it melts my heart and I love that you appreciate this relationship so much. I think we get better at appreciating as we age. In fact the more we appreciate things, the better they get. I am thrilled to have learned this at my age and know that one of the biggest things that makes relationships work is us, ourselves. How we approach it, what we expect, and even how we see ourselves.

    It comes to what you said, being relaxed, and for me that means being who you are, not faking to be someone you are not and if the other still loves you, then you know you have the real thing 🙂

  3. Oh David!! This is so so so precious. I REALLY relate to this. You’ve written this so poetically and poignantly that it’s like a love poem, not only about Love itself, but about Life….at least for those who have made their peace with themselves and life. It is really good to see someone write something this beautiful about their spouse/friend/love. So few reach this depth of understanding. And yes, life is so short that there is no time to waste it on distension. Those goofy jokes don’t have to make sense. They are like the shared intimate smiles and simple simple moments; they are LOVE in action. I think one of the purest and most endearing forms of love. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s the whole beauty of it. I am honored by this sharing about you and Beth. It REALLY touches me to the core. Thank you for such depth of sincerity. It makes me feel like I’ve come home, like I can be myself. You encourage that in others and it is SUCH A HUGE GIFT. Bless you.
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..Who Will Take the First Step? =-.

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