Jet Skiing At Virginia Beach/ It's Time To Get Ready For Summer

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Now that Memorial Day has come and gone it’s time to start thinking about summer plans and vacations.   Last October we happened to be at Virginia Beach when they were holding a jet skiing competition.  It was a great deal of fun watching them leap into the air on these machines and then  come crashing back to earth.

It’s all very colorful too.  The jet skiis are bright colors and then the bathing suits the contestants wear are also full of bright colors and designs.

So I spent some time this afternoon revisiting this happy day and thinking about all the things I hope to photograph in the next few months.  I have posted a few of these photos before but most of them are newly edited.  I must have taken a thousand photos on this day.  The sun was so bright and the air so clear and comfortably warm.

It was a great day.

Click on the  photo thumbnail for the slide show.

Virginia Beach

3 thoughts on “Jet Skiing At Virginia Beach/ It's Time To Get Ready For Summer

  1. I too love to watch skilled jet-skiiers in action. I’ve had a go myself but its not for me. Great images you managed to capture there.

  2. WOW!! These are fantastic photos. I watched the slide show. AND I also LOVE the beach photos. You live in such a beautiful area. I miss the sea so deeply. I love where I live but there is something so soul expanding about walking along an ocean beach. I love swimming in the sea as well. I love it all.

    Your photography is just taking GREAT leaps and bounds. I can hardly believe it. Wow! I so badly want to get a better camera when I can afford it. Photography is my most favorite pastime of all. Especially nature photography. I completely lose myself in it. I forget EVERYTHING!!!

    I am just so impressed by these. You really got some great action shots and they are so clear and life-filled. Loved some of the “spills” where the jet ski and rider went under. Simply amazing.
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..Who Will Take the First Step? =-.

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