Oh, Pretty Woman/ Virginia Beach Photos

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It’s time to hit the beach again and we are just about ready. The repairs on the building are (hopefully) coming along and we no longer have to worry about seagulls flying through our bedroom while we are trying to sleep. Here’s one of Roy Orbison’s classic homages to women who make the landscape so much more attractive than it otherwise might be.

Where would be be without them? Depressed for sure!

Pretty Woman

Click on  the photo thumbnail for a slide show experience. And don’t hesitate to play with the photo timing feature.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Pretty Woman/ Virginia Beach Photos

  1. Dear David, I am starting my morning at my desk, been up since 6:15 and was up until midnight working to meet a deadline on book, and I am so glad I stopped in. I LOVE this song. I JUST LOVE IT!!! And it totally picked me up.

    You and I must have the same taste in music, as every single song you’ve posted on your site is one of my favorites. I also just LOVE these old songs. They are SO good. There is a richness and originality to them that is often missing in typical canned music today. I am listening to Pretty Woman over and over and just grinning. :))) What a great way to start my day.

    Although no longer in my twenties and wearing bikinis, etc. this song sure made me feel young, carefree, sexy and beautiful again. The funny thing is that when I was young and wearing bikinis my life was a mess and not care-free and I was oblivious to any sexuality or beauty I had. In actuality my life is much more care-free now in terms of my spirit. And I actually have many days where I FEEL beautiful and completely in love with all of Life. A much more powerful time now. I would not want to go back….unless I was aas aware and empowered as I am now.

    Since many of the people I blog with are in the 20 – 40 age group it is so cool to come here and share with someone who is my age. There are only a couple of people I know in our age group. What I love about your site is that it is a very free expression of all the facets of you. That is what gives it’s vitality and joy. You do not lock yourself into one way of being. I love coming here because I never know what I will find. That is GOOD David, really really good. It’s a sign that you are alive at your deepest core.

    Okay, I’ve listened to the song about 8 times, while writing this and I just feel SOOOOOOOOO happy and alive. What a wonderful and happy treat!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for just being YOU!!
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..Who Will Take the First Step? =-.

  2. Roy Orbisons voice is simply legendary and there will never be another one like him, when his songs play on the radio I am sure there are millions of people listening with the hairs on the backs of the head standing up. Maybe his image held him back but he sure made up for it with his voice and songwriting abilities..

    Bring it on Roy…
    .-= Rene Dwight´s last blog ..The Blue Cougars New Rockabilly =-.

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