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It’s always fun to go over some of the thousands of digital photos accumulated without much effort in just a couple of years and look for something new. And that’s what I have been doing this morning. Google has been helping out a lot actually and one of these days it is going to want some coin for the privilege. We are coming close to using up the free portion but I’m not complaining. The products it provides are very helpful and easy to use. And in the end Google not only helps me produce photos and store them. It helps bring them to viewers outside the family circle.

So I have a few new ones to share this morning. Some may seem familiar but they were worked from untouched photos. And Lightroom 2 is on the way from to help with the organizational tasks ahead. Hopefully we can get all these photos in some sort of order and then get out and take some new ones!

Fav’s Not Seen Before

I also purchased an HD flash camcorder and hope to use it to focus on some photos, nature video and poetry together in the coming months.

Will all of this come together in some sort of meaningful way? I don’t know! But I hope you will stick around to find out and also offer some constructive feedback.

All of this leads me to consider the day that is so important in so many minds. Mine too!

Pay Day!!

8 thoughts on “New Photos/ Familiar Themes

  1. I clicked the image you have posted, mainly to get a better view of the pic. You can imagine my surprise when I ended up in your album.

    That first pic really reminded me of Japan for some reason. I really wish you had labeled it to show were it was taken, if for no other reason than I’m very curious.

    Also, I’m a big fan of horse racing, and would love to know which racetrack those were taken at.

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