American Idol Concert/ Greensboro NC/ The Blogger Is Deaf Now/ But It's Alright Because It's A Mad World

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 American Idol concert

Last night we drove down to Greensboro, NC to see the latest group of American Idol finalists perform in concert. We did this two years ago when Jordin Sparks won. I realize that this stuff makes some of my friends barf/gag but we like it. These kids were standing in line this time last year and now they are performing in front of millions. It’s fun to watch.

My ears are still ringing this morning and I’m beginning to worry about permanent hearing loss. Can you mess up your hearing at just one concert?
I promise I won’t do it again Lord. Just let me hear the crickets one more time!

Let’s see. . . things about the concert. Lots of people got up and left after Adam Lambert performed. Rude! May all your ears be ringing this morning too!

Allison tried to sing Barracuda but basically just flopped around the stage like a wounded Grouper. I love this girl but she’s so young and she’s going to damage her voice if she doesn’t get some training soon. Now, in fact. Her throat and my ears need to get together at the nearest ENT doctor’s place today.

Scott Macintyre sounded pretty good in spite of all the echoes and distortions in the cavernous hole that swallowed up all attempts to produce pleasing sounds.

Adam Lambert has seductive moves that match his amazing vocal talents. This is the last time you will ever get to see this guy perform live for the bargain price of 81.50. So grab your ear plugs and get down to ticketmaster before the window closes.

Lil Rounds deserves a mention. She’s working hard, sounding good, adding some nice dance moves and generally adding value to her future job prospects. All of the others did well but how can you really tell? You can’t actually hear them sing. If you had a television and stereo system that allowed you to see your favorite performers this well you would throw the whole mess out a window. It reminds me of a time long, long ago before CD’s and LCD tv’s when my friends used to go see the Beatles sing. And you couldn’t hear them sing! At all! They could have been reciting the telephone book and no one would have know.

Back to the concert.

Kris Allen had the unenviable task of performing after Adam got done with the audience. He has got to be hating this tour by now. All of his great musical talents are wasted in these giant arenas more suited for monster dunk shots and demolition derbies. Hopefully he will make a really good CD and forget all of this every happened in about six months.

Well that’s all I have for now. I need to find a drugstore here in (where are we?) and purchase some ear drops. Maybe I can find a copy of The Who singing Tommy while I’m out cause I definitely need some inspiration in the deaf, dumb and blind category.

Click on the thumbnail photo for a brief slide show and a larger photo clearly showing Michael Jackson’s spirit trying to inhabit Adam Lambert’s body.

American Idol

3 thoughts on “American Idol Concert/ Greensboro NC/ The Blogger Is Deaf Now/ But It's Alright Because It's A Mad World

  1. That was really rude of those people to leave after Adam Lambert’s performance. They could’ve at least finished the concert. It’s their loss anyway.
    Those are really nice photos, you must have been seated pretty close to the stage. Good luck with the hearing condition, hope the ear drops help šŸ™‚

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