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Children and many adults are heading back to school now and in the next few weeks. And so I thought it would be a good time to pull together some old photos that illustrate to me how life becomes a reaching process. As we “get up” every morning we move upward and onward into the world as we know it.

Staying in bed is such a drag isn’t it? I know kids love to sleep but it’s only because they need to replenish their energy supplies after exerting themselves. At least that is what I would like to think.

We old folk make our new efforts as well. We start exercise programs or just have new thoughts or creative activities. We forget old wounds and problems. We look up at the sky.

We pray and heal inside.

Cool dry air has moved into Virginia this morning and slapped aside the warm, humid stuff we are so accustomed to this time of year. It is a promising harbinger of fall and that most colorful time of year. I can feel my blood moving a little quicker too as it senses what is coming down the road.

It loves autumn and trees dripping with reds and yellows. The air seems so much easier to breathe and the bed is a much more welcome friend at night.

So here are some photos that go with this notion. . . reach for the sky and know that sooner or later things will be very clear and we will all be free.


2 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. Yup! It is back to school time and this is the first September in my life that I am not heading back to a school. First all the elementary and secondary schooling, then university and then I continued going back each September as I became a teacher! Imagine that, every single September meant the going back to school for me, and this is the first one in oh what about 25 years that it isn’t, as I quit teaching this past June!

    I loved the job, but nothing compares to the freedom of as you say not having to wake up each morning 🙂 Oh this is an exciting time indeed! And now I get to focus all of my efforts on my other passions like writing 🙂

    By the way, beautiful collection of photos you included!!!
    .-= Evita´s last blog ..The Path =-.

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