Before The Night Ends/ Dealing With Depression

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Do you ever have days when your emotions just refuse to stay in the neat little boxes we put them in? Or maybe they stay in the boxes but then the stacks of boxes just refuse to stay on the shelf?

Or maybe the shelves refuse to stay on the wall and come crashing down on each other like a pile of flat, stale pancakes?

Well maybe there’s a different way of looking at this situation. First of all try and forget about looking for the cause of your recent mood swings. Because if you have come up with this little gem (ha-ha) then you will probably start looking for a solution.

You will try to Fix It!

Let’s spend a little time and space just hanging out with our emotions for a change. Can we do that?

Is it alright to be not at the top of our games for awhile? And can we do it without applying some sort of chemical solution to make the requisite time period pass into the history books a little faster?

Ah………………I am not going to win this race.

Maybe I’ll take my camera and go find a new place to sit down.

I used to wonder why we come here. . .to this planet? The universe is so wide. Why do our souls choose to come here and endure all the pain and confusion?

But now I know. It’s because all the ones we love come here too. We follow each other through time and space. We can’t just sit still and watch from a safe distance.

Love brings us here.

Boats and Birds

6 thoughts on “Before The Night Ends/ Dealing With Depression

  1. Wow! This post means SOOOOOOOOOOO much to me. You’ve no idea. Well, probably you do. It’s taken me so long to get here as my whole week bottomed out. I’m just finally posted a video on my site telling why. This post could not have been more timely for me after this last week. I found it so soothing and life affirming. It helps me further let go after a stressful week.

    I LOVE these lines and soaked them in like balm: “Let’s spend a little time and space just hanging out with our emotions for a change. Can we do that? Is it alright to be not at the top of our games for awhile?”

    I believe it’s not only alright but necessary and essential for healing, living a peaceful and joyous life. After this week I finally just had to let everything go and be with where I was at. There was a sense of peace and freedom in that In my video on my new post I am finally able to laugh at it all.

    I love the whole aspect of this post that points to embracing our emotions and letting them have existence and express. I really believe that our creativity and passion is directly tied to allowing ourselves to “be with” our emotions.

    I think you have worded this far better than I did in my similar post and in fewer words. It is simply beautiful and something I would come back and read again as a reminder. I am so proud of you. This one REALLY means a lot to me. I LOVE hearing deep fundamental truths like this that often go against the mainstream grain.

    Just keep putting out your heart David because it is wise and it knows.
    Hugs all ’round.
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..Are We Eradicating Soul? =-.

  2. Hi David!

    What a beautiful poem and beautiful post.

    It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I really learned to be one with my emotions. Today I don’t find them so much as out of control entities, but clues as to my higher state of my being.

    Why we feel what we feel can tell us a lot about what is happening within us at a deeper level. So yes, let’s “spend a little time and space just hanging out with our emotions for a change” as you so beautifully said. Let us get to know them, let us get to really know ourselves…
    .-= Evita´s last blog ..It’s Never Too Late =-.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with getting in touch with your emotions. It makes us realize what we are really feeling about a certain thing/person. It makes us know ourselves better.
    Nice poem, btw. 🙂

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