The Perfect Storm/ Virginia/ November 2009

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Historic Storm North Carolina/Mid-Atlantic
James Wilson, and M. Ressler, Lead Meteorologists, The Weather Channel
Nov. 12, 2009 10:01 am ET

A strong onshore flow resulting from deepening low pressure off the North Carolina coast and strong high pressure over the Northeast is having a multitude of effects on the Mid-Atlantic.

Rainfall amounts through Saturday morning are expected to be in the 3 to 6 inch range or more from southern New Jersey, southward through the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula and southeastern Virginia, to northeastern North Carolina. Far eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginiacould be the big winners with 8 inches to as much as a foot of rain. The runoff from this rain may result in some serious flash flooding and river flooding.

Yes we are having some wet weather here in central VA and there is a special telephone pole around here somewhere that always gets hit in a big storm so we have no power. It’s the community circuit breaker and it’s working like a charm.

Apparently we have a northeaster and a hurricane meeting on top of our house and there are lakes forming here and there. It is dark and I cannot find the candles so I must experience the life of a blind person and slowly inch forward along the floor looking for slippers and a robe.

Why do I need a robe? Because it’s cold outside and the wretched air is inching its way into the room. Let me roll up inside these blankets and return to the land of dreams. Perhaps when I next slide into this nexus of reality it will include all the benefits of the electrical age including a beating furnace in the basement.

I read The Perfect Storm a few years ago. It is a great work about fishermen who went out expecting to do their daily work as they had done it thousands of times. And they ended up dealing with a collision of these same types of storms. Only they were at sea, of course, and some of them did not make it back home.

I will make it back from the library where I have gone to use their electricity to pilot this computer and write this post. I’m not even worried about the movies that are coming out soon. The Road and 2012 will be here just in time for the holidays! And they feature of course the death of millions and millions of people. “Are there many people left living Dad?” goes the commercial. “Not many Son” is the predictable response that will send many to their local popcorn establishment.

I’m sorry but this really is old news and not worth a trip to the theater for your old blogging buddy. Have you ever watched any of those old movies featuring folks like Gary Cooper and everyone is looking so happy and full of life. Well they are all gone now. And just about everyone who was born before let’s say the year 1900 has gone on to some other place.

When I watch one of these movies I get a truly apocalyptic feel for things in general and don’t really need to watch the latest hyped up version with all the flaming meteors and creased landscapes computer enhanced and ultimately boring as hell for the day after Thanksgiving viewing.

But maybe that’s just me. I have this daily awareness that I’m watching a movie that will soon be over and it’s called My Life. It stars a constellation of characters who are so beautiful I cannot begin to describe them. Virginia Breeze is full of them and as I was telling a bunch of folks last night at a University of Richmond affair the brightest star is B and The Lord only knows what’s going to happen when she joins Gary Cooper and Bet Davis and the rest.

So The Perfect Storm visited Virginia this week . It was once and is and forever shall be a part of life. It’s a reminder to all of us that the beautiful days of autumn have a shelf life and are not really something that last far beyond intermission and a trip to the popcorn counter.

And now the electricity has returned and we can resume our movie lives once again.

Hopefully I can post these photos and take my pooter to the repair shop soon because it did not respond well to the sudden return of pulsing electrons. It died and all that is left is the blue screen of death.

Perhaps Windows 2012 will solve this problem. Or maybe we will just have to live with things the way they are “forever”. Or, at least, until you, me and we all are gone and all that is left are our meandering comments or initials on the tree where you met your first lover and felt that there was something that would last forever inside a moment of peace that probably lasted until you realized she (or he) had ADHD and was more interested in becoming a movie star then spending rainy days at home with you.

My grandson Charlie had his third birthday last weekend. Here are some photos!


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm/ Virginia/ November 2009

  1. Oooooohh, this post and these photos are just mind blowing. I’ll start with the photos. They are so so sooooo magical. Those kids are beauuuutiful. I wanted to pick them up and hold them. The photos in the little car…Oh….my…god!! They are priceless. I laughed and teared up at the same time. And the one in the rocking chair or chair with the light hitting half her face. Whoa, that is mystical. Stunning photos of stunning Life. Oh this has been a wonderful afternoon catching up on your site. I feel happy, moved, enriched and more human.

    The post ALSO did me sooooo much good, because it’s like you wrote my thoughts EXACTLY. Everyone is asking me are you going to see…such and such. “No, I don’t think so.” “WHAT? But you HAVE to.” “Nooo, I don’t think so.” LOLOL!!! So Yippeee, two great minds think alike. :)))

    So much wonderful down to earth reality here. I just love it!! You go dude!! Knock ’em out!!ROFL!! I’ll be cheering you on all the way! :))

    Thank you for making my whole day more real and joyous.
    Hugs galore!
    Robin đŸ™‚

  2. The pictures of your Grandson are priceless!!! Our children stay small for such a short period of time, thank goodness for cameras.

    I love to go back and look at all of the pictures that I took of my four children every once and awhile just to remember how they were and the cute things that they did.

    Thanks for sharing, cherish them always!

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