God Speaks To The World

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I was watching the news last night and the most amazing thing came on the tube! There was a report that God had made himself available to the media and answered a few questions. Apparently he arrived at the White House around nine last evening and was sitting in a rather elaborate recliner on the front lawn! No one knows how He got there!

There seems to have been quite a bit of confusion for awhile as some security staff attempted to question Him and get some form of identification because, after all, it was not clear that He actually was The Divine One at all. He was just a cool looking dude who was sitting in a comfortable chair. But then He got up and started walking around. The cameras were rolling and many observant bystanders noticed that He seemed not to be treading on the grass. It was more like He was on top of it and every tiny, little blade was pointing towards Him without bending one little bit.

And it’s autumn as you know but as He paced back and forth the leaves so beautiful in their shades of red and yellow turned green again and then back to their rustic hues once He had moved away.

But the most amazing thing that happened was when He looked up at the stars and one of them actually raced across the sky as He reached up and grabbed it. It was then that the growing crowd noticed that light seemed to be radiating from His face and arms and there seemed to be shadowy figures surrounding Him.

Angels in fact! Yes there were angels with huge wings respectfully at a distance but clearly paying attention and floating in the air right next to the fountain in front of the White House front door.

All of this was covered in the news report! I’m so glad we purchased this HDTV because it was so remarkable to see The Lord right there in our living room in such acute detail. He was smiling and talking about the problems He has been having communicating with us. He said something about the world being made of light but there is this crusty stuff all over it and so He wanted us to see that it’s just a small problem and we should not worry too much about the tragic circumstances that sometimes make us fearful and depressed.

He said, in fact, that he plans to get rid of the crud in the next few days so we can see the light that exists in and around all the things we see every day.

Well all of this was most amazing and I wanted to find out more about it. What has happened? Is this going to be a regular news feature? Is God going to make regular visits? Is He going to talk to the President and help him establish some sort of world peace?

I am putting some terms in the search engine. Nothing much came up except some short news reports after a commercial or two about some lawyers who are ready to sue you if someone thinks it’s a good idea and some drugs that will make you wish you never saw or heard of drugs of any kind.

I called a few friends about it and they all saw the report too but most of them thought it was a show and perhaps David Blaine was involved somehow.

There are news reports, of course, and everyone seems to have an opinion about what has happened.

God said something about removing the layers upon layers that cover up the beams of light that actually give form to every living object on earth and many of the things we create out of wood and metal.

This ought to be interesting. God says that He will be back before dawn.

And I’m so tired of watching the tube! The commercials are just so numerous and full of nonsense. Here’s one about a guy going off to work in the morning and his wife is strapping two boxes of oatmeal on his back And now he is in his driveway and actually blasting off straight up in the air!

Oh that’s so strange. And my wife says I say rather bizarre things from time to time! Has she watched any commercials recently?

And is she watching THIS? God is saying that He will be back in a few hours to eliminate the crud that prevents us from seeing the light and all of our beloved friends and relatives who have died and left us here to count sheep every night while we try to sleep and they enjoy a world made out of light and love.

OMG. What is going to happen? I have crud all over me!! Fat! And little bumps here and there and I tend to drool while I’m dreaming at night. What is going on?

He will be back in the morning.

EARLY. I better get some sleep.

It’s going to be real. I can feel it.

Click on the photo for a slide show if you feel there is time.

Washington DC Capitol and environs in the evening light

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