I Fell Out Of Bed Last Night O Boy

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I had this thought the other day. . . “what would happen if God decided to visit us and resolve the problems we appear to have seeing Him and His creation?”

All of the “where are you God?” stuff would be resolved. But would we really be happy if this happened? If everyone could vote about it tomorrow and based on the totals a change could be made the next day would we decide to make a change?

Or would humanity decide to keep going with things as they are? Would we tell God to take a hike?

I don’t know the answer to that question. But I wrote a post about it and left it out there for YOUR reading pleasure.

I thought it might result in some comments and every blogger enjoys thoughtful comments. But we shall see.

Today all the leaves from the trees and the ground is one big soggy mess from all the rain we have been having. It’s fairly warm out too. Hopefully it will turn into a beautiful weekend.

Here is something I heard on the satellite¬† radio in my car today for the first time. I think it is a great tune and would like to share it with you. I don’t think it is one of Sade’s better known songs but the beat is fantastically strong and the message is sublime. ***Hold on to your love*** (whatever your love may be and hopefully many things will come to mind) ! Your heart will beat stronger and you will be happier and live longer. I am such a wimp in so many ways. I had a muscle cramp in my calf while I was sleeping last night and actually fell out of the bed, screaming and woke up the dogs. In the eyes of the world I am not so impressive but I love God in a fierce sort of way and so the world is not all that important.

Talk to Him as if He was sitting in your front yard and open to any kind of conversation.

, originally uploaded by Davidlind.

3 thoughts on “I Fell Out Of Bed Last Night O Boy

  1. Hello David. So good to hear from you. Sorry that you fell out of bed with a leg cramp. Someone once said that God never wastes a pain. Wonder what He makes of leg cramps??? Oh well… but what about that hard landing? Yikes… maybe another lesson. Hope you are truly doing well. It is pleasant to remember you and the discussions we have had related to God and such things. I am a bit less knowledgable these days… or perhaps more willing to admit that as far as God goes I don’t have a clue. We are looking through a tiny crack and trying to describe the Universe. Oh… the frustration. If we say we see very much… we are either lying or sorely deceived. God is truly a mystery… but a Mystery to be admired and (I think, hope, pray, know) to be trusted. As you can see, I still like to think of God expansively. Like your blog… Good work. Let’s do lunch sometime. Mike

  2. Wow. Sorry to hear that you fell out of bed with a leg cramp! I remember once feeling like i was diving into the ocean to have a spiritual revelation, only to find myself unconsciously diving off the end of my bed into a very hard ground and sleepily growling about the pain. Nice revelation huh? haha Nice Post Dave.

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