Thanksgiving Day/ 2009

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It’s six am and still no sign of light out the window as I sit here at the desk and type a few words while headphones bring forth the wonderful music of the season.

We don’t want to disturb the guests and especially the little girl who sleeps down the hall. Or her mother or grandmother or the dogs. Or anybody really because sound can slip through the cracks in a sleeping house while the darkness holds so many thoughts and emotions within its four walls.

And they somehow settle into our dreams as we (hopefully) play across the landscapes or dreamscapes we create at night.

Over time so much of this is brought forward into the light of course and our lives take form in ways that often surprise us.

What we think and dream and carry out the door in the morning is important and I hope we will all take whatever is most important to us on our journeys.

It is Thanksgiving today a most wonderful holiday unencumbered with the commercial concerns of a nation trying to somehow gather its economic salvation together in four or five short weeks.

, originally uploaded by Davidlind.

And there will be lots of things happening as everyone gets together for a few hours. Our relationships with family members seem so complex at times! Our families are so complex! But were they ever simple really?
It’s difficult to remember a time when they were at all that way. It comes down to moments perhaps when things seem simple.

Like now. While everyone is sleeping and Andrea is singing in my head. While the light begins to find its way into this room and one thought has a chance to wrap itself around my feeble brain.

Please God

Bless Us



5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day/ 2009

  1. Dear David, this is so exquisitely beautiful. It moved me deeply. I to have spent many mornings in the predawn hours sitting at my desk writing and pondering Life. You are beautiful writer David. This is one of your truly finest pieces. You again convey something that is at the heart of us all. I can’t even put it into words. I sat here and tried, but I only know that I feel it so strongly reading this. There is great beauty, poignancy and humanity in your writing. I just know that it touches something deep in the heart of humankind. You are a truly dear dear soul. I am sending love and blessing to you, your wife, children and grandchildren. I hope you had a rewarding and heart warming day.
    Hugs across the land, You friend Robin

    PS This is photo is magical. It totally captures what you express so poignantly in the post. Just magical. I can’t believe you had snow way down there.
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..Death as an Adviser =-.

  2. David, this is so beautiful. Tenderness weaves a trail throughout… You are a wonderful writer, pulling up a chair so that I can sit beside you in the quiet morning stillness. I felt your contemplation, could almost see the wisps of thought…

    “What we think and dream and carry out the door in the morning is important…” This is a wonderful phrase, and it brings to mind the remembrance that while we may eagerly dream of important and fun and and meaningful things, the most impressive and lasting of these are those dreams that involve the ones we love. The blessings in our lives begin and end with what is in our hearts, and it’s in the sharing of this that love lives.

    Thank you for such beautiful sentiments on one of my favorite days.
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..A Different Thanksgiving =-.

  3. I had a very nice Thanksgiving.My niece had a baby last year,and this is his first Thanksgiving he ever had.I spent it with my whole family.My niece moved back to Maryland from Florida with her baby and her husband.I would have to say that God had a blessing in this Thanksgiving.I hope eveybody here had a nice Thanksgiving.

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