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It will not surprise many people that I often start a post with no idea about its content and a blank state of mind. But that’s just the way it is here in pajama land. It’s part of the creative process. First you disconnect from your previous line of thought. Maybe you were thinking about lunch meat and the reasons why the dog won’t shut up. Then you go into a reverie.

At that moment inspiration hits you right between the eyes and you. . .

Go to the frig and make a sandwich. Wait. That’s not right. You don’t open up your mouth. You open up your mind!!

Probably each of us could do this more often and benefit from the exercise. I find that music helps too during these moments. And patience. Because there are days when it takes awhile for anything to happen. But even when it seems like nothing is happening I believe that something is happening.

Something that could be very important. Because for much of the day our minds are being led around by outside forces. It may be a job or just the television in the next room. It might be music if we are focusing too much on the words. It could be our emotions if someone has done something to ruffle them. A computer game like Lord Of The Rings can lead us around for hours as we jump through hoops trying to solve quests and move to the next level.

The next level!! What is the next level? Maybe it’s the moment when we create something that is interesting to ourselves and even to someone else. There is something about a blank mind that has been given a bad rap by “the world” and the establishment. Sure if you are asked a question in the fifth grade and your mind is blank you may have “forgotten” to do your homework.

But does that mean you should endeavor to never have a blank mind again? Is this one of the worst sins you can commit as a young person? I don’t think so. Given a choice between R-rated content and blankness I will go with the latter in most cases.

And there is a chance that once you have emptied your mind something very good may find a place there to speak to you or to simply hang out with you. I think the main thing is be like a magnet and simply ask for company. Be receptive to higher vibes.

If you need something to focus on perhaps light a candle or concentrate on your breathing. Put up a photo of some beautiful object. Relax and let yourself be an open book of sorts.

Sometimes when I do this I feel that there is a disembodied poet who is feeding me words and phrases as I write a poem. But other times a much larger spirit arrives and pretty much shuts down my attempts to write. In those moments breathing slows and physical complaints are a distant memory.

Something happens. It is difficult to describe in words exactly what is transpiring. But it can change your life. It can help you make an important decision about your life. Or it can simply help you understand that you are have a very beautiful soul.

We all have beautiful souls. And it’s always a good time to brush them off and let them shine a little bit. I have not done this much lately. But it is never too late.

Perhaps now, in fact, is an especially good time.

4 thoughts on “The Creative Process/

  1. “there is a chance that once you have emptied your mind something very good may find a place there to speak to you or to simply hang out with you.”

    It’s true. I think that people should not take for granted moments like this. Sometimes, when we’re too busy, we tend to forget to keep in touch with ourselves.

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