Let It Snow/ Lewis Ginter Christmas Lights

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A week or so ago B and I went over to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens to see their Christmas lights. They made some interesting changes this year and I was able to take some photos. One of the major differences I noticed was the hot air balloon that hovered in the background. It was tethered securely but did manage to take some excited children and their parents up into the darkness 100 ft or so for a nice but short ride.

I thought about wandering over and untying the balloon when it was in the middle of its short ride so the children might enjoy a genuine holiday thrill. Perhaps their parents too would cast aside their everyday complaints while they silently rose over the City of Richmond.

But then I decided somebody would not be happy and I would probably end up spending the night in jail. It would only take the balloon a few seconds to lose its buoyancy and return to earth. So it wouldn’t really be worth the effort.

Besides, B would be mortified and probably not make any Christmas cookies for the next ten years. Or she would hide them in places I would never discover. The dogs wouldn’t even discover them.

And if the dogs can’t discover them you know they must be encased in lead or in a safe deposit box somewhere far, far away.

Hopefully it is going to snow in the next day or so and your intrepid photographer and blogger will have a chance to take some more photos of the Christmas season. I say “intrepid” because a certain amount of psyching up is needed at this point. We are supposed to drive up to Leesburg this weekend!!

And that is challenging enough without a foot or more of snow and ice on the ground.

Grandpa may get to play in a winter wonderland just as he did fifty years ago.

Here’s a wonderful Christmas song by Andrea Bocelli and Natalie Cole. It is a real Christmas treat listening to these two artists combine their vast talents.

And this is what Christmas is all about. . .the music. Is there anything better during this time? Our society is based on a philosophy that creates a certain space between itself and the spiritual way. But for a few days a year we relax those ideals a little bit and allow a glow to permeate our world.

Some people love it. And some don’t like it at all. I love the music, the sights and sounds most of all. And this weekend we may also have snow! This is literally frosting on the cake when it comes to the Christmas season.

The lights are enhanced by snow and it also absorbs many of the sounds around us. The darkness arrives and things become very quiet. . .

In these moments I catch my breathe and look expectantly towards the sky. Perhaps it is not Santa who will arrive tonight…

Perhaps the One who is named every time we say “Christmas” will join us!

He’s not far away you know! And he could decide to make a visit. Such an event would certainly excite the parents more than an unattached balloon ride.

And I wouldn’t have to spend the night in jail. Sounds like a win/win situation for all who are weary and need some rest.

Click  on the  photo below for a slide show .

Christmas 2009

2 thoughts on “Let It Snow/ Lewis Ginter Christmas Lights

  1. Thank you for the nice reflections on Lewis Ginter’s GardenFest of Lights.
    (And thank you also for not untying the balloon! I was up there with my kids!)

    You have a great blog, and I love your sense of humor. Looking forward to reading more in the future.

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