Eeyore And Christmas/ Taking Care Of Your Friends

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Last night B and I headed out to the Westwood Club for some Christmas dinner and Christmas Carols. It had already started snowing and deposited almost a foot of snow on the front yard and B’s friends, the two reindeer and Eeyore.

I swept off the car so we could see and turned around to see B talking to Eeyore who seemed more depressed than usual. The snow was weighing him down. He’s an inflatable about four feet tall and his chin was stuck to his chest. She let the rest of the air out of him and covered him with an old shower curtain so the snow and ice wouldn’t mess up his skin.

You have to love somebody who will do things like this on a snowy night.

Dinner was very nice but tons of people didn’t show up because of the snow. The television meteorologists are just about ordering people to stay home today. Well that’s fine!

I wasn’t planning to come out of my room til Spring anyway.

I did take a few photos this evening of our Christmas decorations. Here’s a photo of the reindeer. You can’t see Eeyore because he’s under the shower curtain and a pile of snow.

He’s really feeling it right now. . .

No doubt.

Here are a few photos

The week before Christmas

One thought on “Eeyore And Christmas/ Taking Care Of Your Friends

  1. Awww, I hope Eeyore appreciated B’s efforts. You know how he has a bad habit of seeing the glass half empty, or is that totally empty?

    I love Eeyore. And I enjoyed your post and photos too.

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