Green Bay vs. Minnesota/ Who Is The Better Team In December 2009?/ NFL Football Ruminations

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It’s Monday morning and a great time to talk some football after watching all the action yesterday. So much drama on and off the field as teams battled for playoff spots, home field advantage, perfect seasons or just simple respect!

It came down to the last play in two interesting contests. You must try to cover the sidelines in the end zone when you are playing the Pittsburg Steelers and it comes down to the last play of the game.

They must spend hours practicing this one play because they definitely know how to execute it and score 6. It’s their biggest money play securing them a NFL World Championship last year as well as preserving their playoff hopes this year.

Let’s move on and think about the middle-aged miracle playing quarterback in Minnesota for a moment. I would expect that most football players in the NFL tend to wear down as we arrive at the end of the regular season. The human body takes awhile to heal especially when it is being thrown to the ground by very large defensive linemen.

Brett’s coach wanted to rest him in the fourth quarter of yesterday’s game. The playoff berth is secured and it makes a lot of sense to keep him out of harms way if possible.

That’s why he has large offensive linesmen protecting him. Unfortunately they were not doing such a great job yesterday. Maybe they are worn down too or maybe they were not as highly motivated as a team struggling to stay alive or save their jobs.

Whatever the case Brett was upset and talked about it to the press. He wants to play. Period. He starts having flashbacks of his last year in Green Bay if you suggest he should save himself for the next strategic battle.

But Brett needs to be very good in the playoffs. He needs to be Mr. October in January or February. To use another baseball analogy he needs to see himself more as the starting pitcher who may need to hand over the ball to a closer in the 8th inning.

And don’t complain about the coach. Your teammates need to know the coach is in charge of the team. The team cannot win without a coach even if he is not one of the great ones.

Brett has just screwed up his team’s chances in the playoffs and increased the possibility that he will not perform well or at all.

Both Green Bay and Minnesota lost yesterday. But the Packers played well in a great game and only lost in the last second when the Steelers went to their most favorite money play.

They lost to the World Champs by one point. The Vikings lost to a worse team by a lot more. I would say that means the Green Bay Packers are now the better team and their coaches and managers made the right decisions to bring them to this point.

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