Two Tales Of Christmas

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Well here we are! It’s Tuesday and Christmas Eve is just two days away. There’s snow on the ground and all the Christmas lights are burning fiercely throughout the neighborhood, the city and the world.

Maybe they are not burning throughout the world. There are places in the world without electricity after all. They are not burning throughout our neighborhood either now that I think of it. Not everyone celebrates Christmas.

I don’t celebrate it all of the time but the lights keep burning because my wife would toss me out in the snow if I started unscrewing the bulbs.

Why do I sometimes indulge in Scrooge-like thoughts during this wonderful season? Because my neurological circuits tend to overload rather quickly and a circuit-breaker in my brain suddenly snaps shut.

Or open. It can go either way I suppose. On the one hand I feel so much love for all these people who make up our family. They are all treasures and the grandchildren are the most delightful little jewels that decorate the treasure box.

But when things become loud and chaotic I want to head for the Citadel of Solitude. And that would be RIGHT HERE in this peaceful room which has recently been equipped with a stationary bicycle so I can exercise AND remain in this peaceful place awhile longer.

Christmas has a solitary side that attracts me a great deal. But it is much like life, in general, I suppose in this way. There is nothing like exchanging a hug with someone you haven’t seen for so long on Christmas Day. But there also is much joy in watching the snow fall outside the window in a peaceful moment when nothing much else is happening. How to combine the two?

It’s a continuing challenge. But one that is suffused with gratitude for both parts of a wonderful life. I could sit here and make a very long list of all the things I am grateful for this holiday season.

Working it all out into a giant, unified whole that resemble a crystal sphere full of light is perhaps not possible in this part of the galaxy. But I keep working on it. And someday, when the rocket up on the roof is ready, I plan to explore other parts of the universe. An important part of this scenario includes piloting an interstellar spacecraft. This particular notion first enlivened my job resume when I discovered Star Wars some thirty years ago.

This is what I want to do when I grow up! BE Han Solo’s co-pilot! So if you are on an interstellar flight someday heading towards a distant star please come forward and say hello to your flight crew. Things will be much more informal out there in the heavens and you won’t have to worry about locked doors or the buffeting of atmospheric conditions.

Because it’s not really going to be like Star Wars where we are going. It will be more like. . well. . ..

Look down at the floor and it’s gone. Try to find the windows and you will see only stars. Look at me and I will remind you that we had a conversation about this near Christmas in the year 2009.

Will you be able to see me? Yes! When all the exotic metals have fallen away YOU and I will still be here. We will travel beyond space and time and we will all be family. A much bigger family who are able to enjoy so much more together.

I may not even miss the Citadel of Solitude all that much. Happy Holidays!


Imagine a revolving sphere of light

Stand far above it and dive into it.

Reach the center of it as it explodes

And sends you in countless directions.

You become wheat in a field of grain

And the wind takes you towards a beautiful sunset

And a pool of water next to a waterfall

Made of rainbow colors of pure delight.

You can stay here as long as you wish.

Unencumbered by a body.

In love with the sound

Of the water and the wind.

3 thoughts on “Two Tales Of Christmas

  1. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas David, I haven’t had much time to spend on the net but it’s great to see your still here and to be able to see a familiar face. I have always enjoyed your posts , you are truly a gifted writer and its great you share your insight with the rest of us.

    Merry Christmas !!!
    .-= bernie kasper´s last blog ..“Merry Christmas” =-.

    1. Ah Bernie! My good friend. Thank you for your wonderful comment. It is truly the most wonderful present a blogger can receive. And your photos continue to inspire me as I attempt to learn more about photography. Have a great Christmas. Teach those young students all about winning basketball games and good sportsmanship. They will remember what you tell them a long time.

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