Poetry About Accidental Death And Dying

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Poetry About Dying/ Accidental Death Stories

Meeting On A Bridge

He imagines this day then
Could be something different
And falls into one of his dreams
Above the cold current
Of a January day.
Bone white trees along the shore
Wave long limbs as she floats
Towards the bay.
The bridge held
Well except when he slept
And drove into her side
There was no place to go
And no one left to hate.
So down she went to the river
Where snow stains the rocks
And softly sailing ducks
Follow their desires
Towards the sea.
Gliding by the skull-fed trees
To wider regions with him
Who thought to drive by
Her flashing headlights.
Now souls meeting
On a bridge
Moving downstream
Together in flight
Approaching morning
Darting sunlight
While walking on waves
And warming in the rushing
Day of cold water’s delight.
Drifting beyond our ways
Regaining lost sight
As flakes begin to fall
And laughter echoes
Winged songs rising
No longer strangers
Bred to dodge a line of shadows
On a bridge alone at night.

James River Richmond Virginia, originally uploaded by Davidlind.



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