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The Green Bay Packers and the Arizona Cardinals are putting on a very entertaining performance in this playoff game. Green Bay was down in the first half by two or three touchdowns but they came back and tied things up in the fourth quarter! It’s 38 to 38! The defenses are having prayer sessions on the sidelines between series. Dear Lord! If we can stop *name of other team* just ONE TIME we can win this game! Receivers are catching balls in ONE outstretched hand and these are footballs! Ahh! The Cardinals just ran down the field again in about a minute and now it’s 45 to 38!

I wrote about a month ago that Green Bay was a better team than Minnesota and hopefully they will have a chance to prove it. There is no doubt they would love the opportunity to have another shot at Bret. Oh another amazing catch by Greg Jennings the Green Bay receiver.

Yes! Green Bay has scored another touchdown. But Arizona and Kurt Warner have over a minute to score again. That’s an eternity for this gang. Someone has called a time out. And now they are playing again but the Cardinals just got one of those petty five yard penalties. Ooops. Now they are going down the field again taking large pieces of real estate away from the Packers with each pass.

Here’s the field goal unit and it’s a chip shot. Looks like this is the end for Green Bay. Here’s the 34 yard kick and it’s WIDE to the LEFT. He shanked it! The kicker looks like he forgot to take his medication. He’s talking to himself. He’s rethinking his career goals. He’s taking the lonely walk back to his teammates on the sideline. And we go into sudden death overtime.

Green Bay has won the coin toss! The games over! Congratulations Green Bay!! Wait. Do they have to play? Yes.

In fact the Arizona Cardinals have just taken the ball away from the Green Bay quarterback and scored a touchdown. Game over. Arizona wins. It looks to me like there was a face mask penalty that should have been called but no matter. In the excitement of the moment who cares about that?!

I don’t know about this game of football. Much of the time I find it repetitive and boring. Sometimes it makes me want to throw up when limbs are stretched and turned in ways that are unmistakeably wrong. And then there are the commercials. Very trying. But once in a great while there are exciting games like this one. It was fun to watch. It came down to whoever twitched last would lose the thing and that honor was reserved for the Green Bay Packers and their QB. Too bad. Oh well. What’s for dessert?

Oh wait. There is no dessert. We are trying to exercise and lose weight. And by the way I am really glad the holidays are over so I won’t have to watch people drinking alcohol for awhile. No doubt they are still drinking but they won’t be doing it around here because it’s ALL GONE. And the eggnog is gone. I love eggnog. I hate eggnog. It calls my name.

I hear that it’s very, very hot in Australia at the moment. And there’s a reason for this. Australia has taken all the heat from the eastern US. It’s so cold especially when I try to take a shower. The water doesn’t stay hot for very long. So water that is not hot cascades over my bare body and makes me feel like I’m in an outside shower. Or jail. I bet it’s pretty cold in there and that’s just one of the minor complaints one might have while using the communal facilities.

Maybe I should just appreciate my solitary shower even if the floor is cold and cold air is coming in a nearby window.

I need to find a poster of WB Yeats to put up in my study where I write and play Lord of the Rings on the computer. Probably I should put up a poster of Tolkien too now that I think about it. doesn’t seem to have either of these. Hopefully they are out there somewhere. I need to see poets around me so I can start thinking of myself as a poet. Certainly not a great poet or writer but, at least, some sort of poet or writer or photographer. At present I think of myself as a blogger and an idiot as well who cannot remember things and has restless legs.

So I have a ways to go. It is an important step forward, however, to begin to articulate these thoughts and feelings and to do something about them. We need to give ourselves a hug once in awhile and have good thoughts about ourselves. And it doesn’t matter if we fall back or have failures when we try to accomplish something. It’s more important that we continue to try and don’t give up!

In a way it’s a lot like being a field goal kicker playing in the NFL. There are going to be days when some people just do not appreciate us very much. But we have to continue to take care of ourselves and not give in to the impulse to drink a few vodka and grapefruit juices or go out and eat a Big Mac and super-sized fries. Or think we are idiots.

I am not an idiot.

Take a moment to say something nice about yourself and put it in the comment section. Probably you can do better than I just did. Oh wait. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

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