15 thoughts on “January On The James River/ Winter River/ My Photos

  1. Hi dear David,

    These are priceless beyond words. I think it is your best work. I know I say that about a lot of your photos as sooooooooo many are incredible. But there is a great peace and elegance in these photos. They have a singular grace and beauty to them, one right after the other. If I took these I’d have so many made into prints and hanging on my walls.

    I’ve been up to my eyeballs in book related work, but wanted to stop in and say hi and hope you are moving toward your dreams. Know that you are thought of and appreciated. As I watched this slide show I thought, “Oh, I would just love to be there RIGHT NOW. Doing nothing, being nothing, saying nothing…just ‘being’. Listening to the silence or the waves or the river.” There is truly a profound peace in this series. More than any other you’ve done. Love that moon shot and the birds against the sky. What a magical world we live in and what a magical soul you have to see it.

    Peaceful Hugs, 🙂
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..What Are You Waiting For…Perfection? =-.

  2. Those are some wonderful shots.
    One of them, the wintry scene on the lake with a building in the distance, reminds me of Bruegel’s winter paintings. You have a great eye for a good picture.

  3. Beautiful images David, I have been extremely busy with basketball and now have taken on extra work trying my hand at starting a studio here, hope it works out !!

    Hope you have been well, its so hard to keep up but I will try my best, take care buddy !!
    .-= bernie kasper´s last blog ..“Madison Milton Bridge” =-.

  4. Hi David

    Oh I am back from my holidays and come back to find this post of yours with such breathtaking images!

    I have to say they were all wonderful in their own beautiful ways, but what captivated me is how you managed to make the winter scenes look so beautiful and inviting. I look out my window and greyness is all around, and yes in those winter photos of yours there is such life and beauty!

    The beach shots are always great too! I am happy to say I had the pleasure of enjoying the beach for two weeks straight so I have some sun in me to get me through the next few weeks of winter 😉

  5. Thanks Evita for sharing with the awesome pictures of Virginia Breeze, James river during the winter. These are really amazing pictures that thrills me

  6. Oh, these pictures are beautiful! Liked the two with the dog, reminded me of my own. And all the exotic flowers, you don’t get how they grow to look like that! And all the others too, it’s like meditation to sit and listen to good music and watch pictures of the wonders in nature. Thanks a lot!

  7. Very impressed with the beauty and clarity of these photos.

    The balance and theme seems to be professional as well.

    Finally, I find that the mood generated by each piece is consistent with the overall theme of poignant yet soft beauty.

    Love to have your talent.


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