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I didn’t make it downtown today to visit Zachary and take some photos of his crew. But B and I did take a long walk through the neighborhood and I have some photos to share with everyone. These are photos I have taken in the last ten days or so and some of them reflect a world that existed before the snow started to fall.

So B and I went for a long walk today and we were very appreciative of the wheel ruts left on the road by Yuppee SUV’s. I understand that everyone has to get to their Pilates classes on a Saturday morning. God bless them for leaving these narrow little paths in the snow.

Tomorrow hopefully the roads will be better and I can venture downtown to examine the younger generation and take some photos of them that will be interesting in some way.

There’s just not a lot of color in these photos. I tried injecting some saturation into them but that doesn’t really seem to help. I would love to get a photo of a vibrantly red mailbox surrounded by a snowstorm but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. I really need to take a photography course at the University of Richmond this spring.

So B and I did take an hour long walk and it was very enjoyable. I love B so much and just seeing her go down the road in her Pittsburg Steeler’s jacket warmed me up in the sub 20 degree weather. At one point she wanted to go down into the woods to visit a creek that she played around as a child. We also hoped to see an owl that lives down there but he wasn’t up for visitors apparently and didn’t show his feathery face.

This creek really is a magical place. Besides the owl who makes it his home it is also B’s childhood haunt AND a place that my first wife played as a child. They did not know each other and the odds of this happening must be truly one in a million. Think about it. If you have been married more than once what are the odds that both your ex and present mate played in the same creek as children. If we all grew up in a small town that would not be so remarkable. But our playground was the United States of America.

This is just an example of something that convinces me that there is an unseen design in our lives that explains a great deal if we are able to figure it out. I’m big on designs. I can see them everywhere when I pick up a camera. I see them in words and phrases. I see them in our neighborhood as we go out for a walk in the middle of a snowstorm. I see them in life.

I love discovering them and I am very happy because they are here.

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