The University Of Richmond/ Campus Photos In the Snow

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It was clear and very cold this morning so I decided to take a walk over to the University of Richmond and see what the light was doing with the area around the pond where I normally take photos. Is it a pond? It doesn’t seem large enough to be a lake. But, in any case, it offers some photo opportunities and I would like to thank the U of R folks for putting so much effort into making it an interesting and beautiful place to visit.

So we can walk over there anytime and enjoy it but especially now when they are still discouraging travel by car . U of R is in the process of building a football stadium on campus and it will be really interesting next fall when college football day rolls around. We may have tailgate parties right down the street. People park their cars around here during basketball games because its easier for them after the game is over.

It adds a little something to our neighborhood to be right next to such a dynamic organization and enjoy the opportunity to take classes, see a play or concert or just get some exercise. We have met Dr Ayers who runs the place and is very friendly and interesting guy. He has shown interest in this blog. But then he has shown a lot of interest in what the average person has been saying and doing all the way back to the American Civil War in his fascinating work The Valley of the Shadow Two Communities in the American Civil War.

Early this morning the moon was setting over the baseball field as the sun rose over the horizon. And the ducks were happy to see someone bring them a little present. So here are the photos and some music to go with them. I recently discovered Nellie McKay and one of her songs keeps replaying itself in my head. Panic may set in soon as I’m sure you will understand if you listen to it. Nellie is a very talented young person. I’m sure she would “fit in” around this campus very well. I would say she writes interesting music but I have just about beat that word to death in this brief post. (Sorry. What’s another word for “interesting” ?)


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