More Snow In Richmond Virginia

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We don’t get a lot of snow here in Richmond, Virginia so this has been an interesting time for this southern city. I was out and walking very carefully down the road this morning as the sun made an appearance. It’s difficult to sit here at the computer when you look out the window and suddenly see a bright light dart through the snow covered branches of the trees in the back yard.

It’s a beautiful day. It’s Superbowl Sunday.

It’s not your average day.

Click on the photo for an full-screen slide show

Snow (again) in Richmond Va

5 thoughts on “More Snow In Richmond Virginia

  1. Hello David!

    How wonderful to visit your new site. It looks great and I am enjoying always your beautiful photos!

    We have been very “lucky” I guess in that we have barely gotten any snow yet this winter. A little bit here and there, but no major storms or accumulations. Unlike what I hear is happening in Northern parts of the US….brrrr!

  2. You take the most beautiful photos, David…! You capture the total essence of a scene. I can smell the cleanliness in the air, feel the stillness… You have a way of bringing everything to life… Thank you so much for sharing these through your terrific new site!

  3. Dear David, these are soooo pristine and lovely. My word you are talented. I am just sooooooooooo happy inside that you are still taking photos and sharing what you see. AND, that you are still blogging. And double AND, that you stopped by and told me. And triple AND, that you you left a comment that just touched me deeply. There was so much of YOU in it. I cherished it and went away feeling like a richer person and more whole. I saw so much of myself in it too.

    These winter photos are so clear and, as Julie says, clean. She is right, you DO have a way of bringing everything to life. EVERY thing you photograph has an essence of you in it. Again, I am just happy that you are doing this site, and not stopping blogging all together. I am sending you hugs from Robin Road, my dear friend. Robin 🙂

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