This Date In History/ February 11

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On this day in 1752 The Pennsylvania Hospital opened its doors and became the first hospital in America. The Emergency Room was a hospitable place for about fifteen minutes.

Someone should have taken a picture. Oh wait. They didn’t have cameras back then did they?

In 1812 on this day the governor of Massachusetts signed legislation that allowed the politically astute practice of carving up voting districts or “gerrymandering” to begin. My voting district actually looks more like the debris left over from an atomic explosion but that’s a different story. Boston was also in the news exactly 66 years later on this day when the Boston Bicycle Club was established. It was the first bicycle club in America.

Much more recently (not on this date) Massachusetts became the first state to give the Democratic Party a heart attack when it elected a Republican to fill the senate seat owned and operated by the Kennedy family for many years.

What can you say about the lovely people of Massachusetts? Well. . . . you can say that they are very creative people. They enjoy reshaping the political environment while they are riding their bicycles. And they are especially active the week before Valentines Day. Hopefully they will need to rest soon. I’m not sure I can handle too much more right now.

General Motors has also been in the news lately as it was back in 1937 on this date when it agreed to recognize the United Automobile Workers Union. At that time there was a strike happening and it ended after GM agreed to negotiate with its workers. Hopefully this made the worker’s lives a little better. I can imagine them now being allowed to see their families once a week and even getting some medical care when a car fell on them while they were installing the muffler. It probably took them awhile to get to that ER in Pennsylvania but as long as they made it back before lunch was over all was good.

You know that not every worker could afford a car back then. Many of them had to ride bicycles to work. That’s why bicycle clubs were so popular.

In Massachusetts. The rest of the country was too busy for that nonsense.

If you were working six days a week and had to go to church for six hours on day seven how much time would you spend at a bicycle club meeting?

I thought so.

On this day in 1960 Jack Paar walked off the Tonight Show four minutes early because a censor had cut one of his jokes. Those late night comedians sure are a testy bunch aren’t they? Lately they have been acting up again. Conan stomped off into the sunset after NBC wanted to cut thirty minutes PER NITE out of his routine. Jay had so sit down and talk to Oprah after it became clear that he is a sadistic rat betard without a conscience. Well maybe that’s being a little rough on Jay.

Did you know that Jay is from Massachusetts? I’m not sure if he rides a bicycle. He has lots of cars and motorcycles. Maybe if he pedaled around on a bike for awhile he would start to see things differently and ask Conan to come back and do the Tonight Show.

Jay has done it for such a long time. He really needs to do something different for awhile. Maybe he could run for political office. I could see him challenging Al Franken for his senate seat somewhere down the road. In a battle between comedians Jay is sure to win.

It takes a comedian to beat a comedian. They understand each other. It would be just like the time Godzilla met his match in a fantastic monster battle. Or the fight between Mike Tyson and James “Buster” Douglas that actually happened on this day in 1990. Did you ever notice that Mike Tyson and Jay Leno sound a lot alike?

A lot actually has happened on this day throughout the years. Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years captivity in South Africa. And a French lass named Bernadette said that she saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in France on this day in 1858. So some good things happened through the years besides Mike hitting the canvas.

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