Richmond 50 Years Ago/ Lunch Counter Sit-In/ Martin Luther King/ Irene Morgan/ Taking Photos Downtown

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The weather has become much more pleasant in the past few days so I decided to get out and explore Richmond for a few hours. First stop was the Virginia Historical Museum which sits right next to the Museum of Fine Arts and all the construction that is going on there. I was particularly interested in anything they might have on display about desegregation and events fifty years ago here in Richmond. There has been a lot in the news on this anniversary about the lunch counter sit-ins and black college students who were arrested at Woolworth’s Department Store in this city.

I took a few photos including one of Martin Luther King talking to some children and then headed out for the park while I was still thinking about the insanity of trying to force one group of people to sit in a different area from another group of people. There was one instance of a black woman named Irene Morgan who was taking a bus in 1944 from somewhere and going to Baltimore but when she got to Richmond they told her she had to change her seat and go to the back of the bus. She refused and legal action resulted that went all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said that Virginia could not impose their rules on interstate travel and she was vindicated.

Good job. So the park was fairly deserted except for a few of my barnyard friends including Dan the donkey and Morgan the goat. A woman was taking her little girl in a stroller around for some fresh air and stopped right in front of Morgan. The child took one look at his wonderful eyes and let out a shriek that caused all the birds in the area to rise into the air.

Oh well. Goat eyes are a little strange. I took a photo of a wonderfully large tree. Lately I have been thinking about trees and their expressiveness. They often seem to be reaching out to the sky as if to embrace the heavens.

And then it was time to go but I decided to call Zachary my younger son who lives in the area and he was receptive to a visit. He wanted to show me an area of downtown that I had never seen and away we went. We journeyed down to the James River and a very long pipe that has a walkway on top of it. There are rapids underneath and train tracks above and many, many herons nearby sitting in the trees a safe distance away.

So I took some photos of all of this and then it really was time to go home and rest. Zachary was driving back to his place and on the way he showed me the new VCU gym which he says is the best college gym on the east coast. Apparently it is a huge playground and a great place to lose calories. And it’s for ALL the students isn’t that great?

And then we rode by his workplace. He has been working in a small restaurant and reports that they really like him because he’s never late, never misses shifts, works hard and keeps his shirt tucked in. He hopes that he will be promoted soon to waiter status and will begin making more money.

He has a lot to learn but he doesn’t have to worry about insane seating arrangements that would break his heart.

Good. So I wished him well and ventured home in my own car dodging pot holes that have opened up everywhere since Snowzilla visited us a few weeks ago. Some of the photos seem to have turned out well. You can click on the photo for a full- screen slide show if you wish. And here’s a little music to go with it.


And now it’s back to watching the Olympics and sedentary living for awhile.

Bryd Park and Historical Museum

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