Appalachian Spring/ Aaron Copland/ Michael Tilson Thomas/ Memories Of Boston Past

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We are a few days into Spring around here and it seems that the moment the seasons changed the weather responded in a wonderful way. The yard, of course, is a mess and I have been trying to persuade B that we should hire someone to work on it. There is so much to do. Spring cleaning is one of those traditions I could learn to forget with a little encouragement from the neighbors.

But that’s not going to happen. On a more positive note I ran into Copland and Appalachian Spring. This one is conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas. I remember him from the late 60’s when he conducted the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. I was going to school in Boston at the time and living in an old house in Brookline. A very old lady with thick ankles and a love for Theosophy rented out several rooms to college guys in order to make ends meet. She had an old cast iron stove and shoveled coal into it from the basement.

One of her other renters was a music major from Boston University. He played the piano very well and she also played so the two of them had a great time downstairs in the living room. David, the music major, also had a great time up in his room with his friends while I  sulked down the hall in solitude. The closest I got to another human body was a human physiology textbook. Our landlady had strict rules about bringing girls to your room and keeping them there for more than five minutes.

Some of you are no doubt wondering “What’s the problem?” at this point. Very funny. David thought so too because it never crossed our housekeeper’s mind that he was up to any mischief. What did she think they were doing in there with all these different guys?  Studying?

So it was with a great deal of satisfaction that I listened to David tell me one day about his meeting with Michael Tilson Thomas.   Apparently the great conductor said some things to him that were not very complimentary.

Well that’s the way it goes sometime.  It’s time for some music that reflects the change of the seasons.  The Appalachian mountains are not too far from here.   We walked over this bridge and spent a few minutes on it last year.    It is a great place to hike or take photos.


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