Virginia Beach And Retirement/ Seniors And Learning

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Soon it will be time to head out to the beach and I’m really looking forward to it this year. We didn’t get to the sand and surf very much last year for various reasons. But this year hopefully will be different. My son and his lovely wife and two great children moved to Virginia Beach recently and we hope to spend more time together down there. Repairs are almost complete on our humble dwelling as well so we now have a place to stay. It’s looking good and I’m sure there will be some great opportunities to take photos.

Here is one taken a year or two ago in the early morning light.

I look back on the past year and feel a little disappointed in the accomplishments made over that time. Retirement can be a giant opportunity to do things and grow in various ways. But it requires a lot of motivation on an ongoing basis. It is so easy to take a day off, then two and soon a habit is formed.

At least this is the way it has been for me recently. I’m hoping that this will change and I will exercise more regularly, learn more about the technical side of photography (U of R has a great adult learning program that includes courses in photography), blog on a daily basis and do more creatively in the woodworking shop. There are also books to read and plays to be seen. Playing Lord of the Rings Online 8 or more hours per day has got to stop! I sometimes feel like a 12 year old with a bad habit.

Perhaps the early stages of retirement sometimes require a period of rest and recuperation from the struggles of life. I’m hoping that this is the case. There are things I want to do. But there is nobody to make sure I do them.

All the report cards have gone away along with the bosses and the alarm clock that used to start the day.

That’s not to say that I no longer have a supervisor. It’s just that He now has (or should have) my full attention.  And He is doesn’t get up “in your face” the way an ordinary boss does.

I wouldn’t want to be transferred to another dimension simply because I am taking up space here in the human laboratory.

There is no real freedom to just “do as you please” here on earth. It’s much more complicated then that.

5 thoughts on “Virginia Beach And Retirement/ Seniors And Learning

    1. Thank you Jennifer. 🙂 The title is the new slogan for Virginia. Gone is the Virginia Is For Lovers that has been with us for decades now.

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