Springtime In Virginia

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Well I got out today and was able to enjoy some fantastic spring weather.  It was a little chilly with thick clouds at times over at the U as I walked around the lake.  But then the sun would suddenly find its way to the ground and it immediately warmed any surface it touched including me.   Breezes moved the branches of the trees and a large number of beautiful flowers hung on while most simply carpeted the walkway.   The ducks would occasionally tear around after each other as I tried mostly in vain to capture a clear photo of their flight.  I do have one photo to share of a duck diving under a bridge but for the most part it’s just like trying to take photos of dolphins at the beach.

In other words it’s not happening.

But it was a relaxing afternoon and it was good to get out following the dental surgery yesterday.   I went to see a dental surgeon who put a titanium screw in my jaw so that a crown can be fitted in a few months.  It’s not really a difficult procedure but in this case it reminded  someone (me) that eventually we begin to fall apart and need to be held together by various bonding materials.

Bonding was supposed to be more fun than this.  And this particular dentist who I hope to never see again seemed to enjoy holding the needle up in front of my eyes before he proceeded to attack.   I was having flashbacks of Marathon Man and managed to remind him that in his haste he had forgotten to use one of those little swabs that numb the area.   Then he forgot to turn the nitrous on.

I’m telling you this guy has issues.

So it was nice to take a peaceful walk today around U of R.


2 thoughts on “Springtime In Virginia

  1. Hi, David. My gosh, your dental experience sounds like the walk and photos would have been especially heartwarming. You do know how to heal yourself beautifully (smile). Wrapping yourself in the peaceful moments of your camera lens must’ve felt like a warm hug in a soft lap. And reading your observations here, so poetic, was like a warm hug for me. Thank you for sharing your warm humor and gentle strength of spirit. What a beautiful sign-off for the evening. 🙂 Hugs to you… ~Julie

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