Sing A Song And Enjoy

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It’s a lovely day here in Virginia and we are enjoying it. The birds are singing in the back yard. I can hear them through the open window as they call out to each other. And I am following their example.

I am writing. This is a bird-like activity that involves making sounds that not even a dog can hear. But you can hear them. We can have a conversation just like the Blue Jays and Robins in the back yard. We can even “tweet” each other. Personally I am not a big fan of Twitter. Probably this is because you can only warble a short time before you must stop. “That’s enough! Too many letters!

When I start to sing a song I really don’t want to be interrupted.   And I’m pretty sure the birds outside don’t enjoy it either. Once in awhile I will go over to the window and try to take of photo of one of them when they arrive at the bird feeder and start singing about this or that. They can tell right away that someone is trying to take their picture and they often fly away. It’s amazing how sensitive they are in this regard.

We are often very sensitive too when we sit down to write and communicate with the world. Our thoughts can be easily interrupted.

I was having a sing-song kind of thought a few moments ago but now it is gone. It began…

This is not just another day.
It is the one for which I prayed.

But then my stomach made a noise too and it was time to go downstairs to look in the pantry. When I returned the thought was gone. Fortunately it returned after awhile because I wanted to listen to it again. In fact I want to listen to it many times today.

Birds enjoy listening to themselves sing too.

They are often busy making their nests or looking for food. They raise families. They travel from place to place.

But there always seems to be time to just perch on a limb and sing. I want to be a bird. But maybe I will settle for just being bird-like as much as possible.

It was a violent storm last night
But now we see the first dim light
And calm is like a gentle hand
Upon us and our own dear land.

Have a wonderful day.

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