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I am enjoying Imagekind. They have an user-friendly setup and a friendly fraternity of photographers who are not afraid to say “hello” and comment on a photo or two. I’m not concerned about selling photos but it will be nice to have a resource in case I want to give some of my work away at Christmas or during the year for birthday presents.

And I think some of them look kind of nice dressed up in frames. What can I say? They are my “children” and they mean a lot to me. They remind me of times and places that were often very special. They represent my attempt to be an artist. And there are few words in the English language that mean more to me than this one. Certainly “gold” or “silver” or “senior citizen” do not seem as important.  If you like click on one of these photos and it will take you to the site and a framed photo.  I think that the light colored frames look better than the darker ones but really have few notions about framing.

 by David Thomas
by David Thomas

 by David Thomas
by David Thomas

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