Lord Of The Rings Online/ Slaying Inner Demons

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This is probably going to be a blog post about “nothing”.  If you are looking for “something” it’s unlikely you will find it here.  But wait!  I’m being sincere.  So if you are looking for honesty this might actually be a good starting place.  And we can see what happens. . .

I just returned home from working out.  I’ve been doing this every day now for about a month except  for the week I spent in Virginia Beach.  And I’ve become more self-absorbed than usual because I’m “listening” to my body.  It’s  telling me things I don’t necessarily want to hear.  And yet there is some good news.  The upper body is responding nicely and maybe even looks a little bit better.  The back doesn’t hurt all the time.   But the front midsection is still asleep and not even bothering to respond in any meaningful way.

It thinks we are a giant manatee and  wants to go out to the pool next to the tennis courts and float.  I lost about four pounds a few weeks ago and it was not happy.    Somehow it’s preventing further weight loss.  My inner manatee is maintaining its  home court advantage.

But we work out five days per week and I’m feeling more energetic.  I stopped coming home from the gym and having a few drinks also in an attempt to establish my bona fides with the weight-loss community.   No more Salty Dogs.

My eyeglasses broke and I went out and bought  blue titanium frames  because someday if I continue to lose weight I may want to look stylish  (for an old geezer).   One thing I have noticed in life is that optimism is one of the tougher emotions to kill.  You can destroy love and you can snuff out ambition but optimism keeps rearing its knobby little head like a manatee who hears the sound of an engine in the distance and thinks he might like to learn how to water ski.

Beth is being really supportive through all of this and I couldn’t do it without her.  She doesn’t seem to mind the fact that I’m so quiet.  She patiently tells me that it’s not true that I’m much more interesting after having a drink or two.

So I continue to play Lord Of The Rings Online and level up my characters:  Breezee, Breedoh, Breesome, Breefer, Breestone, Bimini and Sobree.   Oh, I forgot Breezeway and Breever Cleaver.  That’s right.  I have nine characters in Middle Earth and patiently work on each one of them making them stronger and more skillful.

Recently a thought about this pierced my chrome domium at the speed of light and set up shop next to the area that provides  administrative support for my Middle Earth crew.   It was this:

“Why don’t you treat yourself like you do all your little elves, dwarfs and hobbits?   Why don’t you patiently level yourself up to the point where you can deal with your own demons?   Maybe the Restless Legs Reptilian can be beat if you reach the top level?

Maybe the Ancient Self-doubt Demon can be conquered in the next 18 months as the  giant Orc was beaten  in the last.

Seems like a good idea.  Every day is an opportunity to do something positive and inch ahead.   Three  pounds per month is 36 pounds in a year.  I could fit into a really nice sport coat in a year.

Or I could just recline on a rock  and pretend that it’s a cloud.

I can beat the slobbering orc with the giant sword and the horrendous yell or stumble, fall down  and drop my spear.

So that he is able to slay and then eat me.


When you put it in those terms it really isn’t such a difficult choice at all!

2 thoughts on “Lord Of The Rings Online/ Slaying Inner Demons

  1. Hi David

    This is all wonderful to hear! And it is “something” – something big as you incorporate more healthy habits, and feel better and better 🙂

    The less processed food of any kind – the better you will feel David.

    I am rooting for you and share in your better feeling 🙂

    As for the Lord of the Rings, well, sorry you lost me on that one…. I have seen the movies though – LOL – I am assuming this is a video game?

  2. Thanks Evita! Sorry you don’t understand about Lord of the Rings Online. It’s a great game and I am basically living in that sort of world most of the time 🙂

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