Man’s Eternal Quest/ Sarah Brightman/ Deliver Me/ I Cannot Fly Today

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“So the body exists for the use of the invisible man, the soul, not he for the body. However, the physical body must be in a certain condition for the invisible self to remain there. What a pity that this invisible self is tied to the body! If it were not, we could go walking on the water and fly in the sky and come back into the physical body again.” –Man’s Eternal Quest.


I cannot fly today
Yet perhaps last night
We flew between the stars
Who can tell?

Tomorrow will no doubt
Be like today
But not always
Not everlastingly so.
I sew the scenes
Of our escape
While sitting here tonight
Sleepily concealed
In this weighted room
And happily involved
In inward visions
Of eventual flight.

Please pardon
My distraction.
I am so immersed
In a solitary search
For solar satisfaction.




4 thoughts on “Man’s Eternal Quest/ Sarah Brightman/ Deliver Me/ I Cannot Fly Today

  1. Dear David, this is one of your most BEAUTIFUL poems, one of the most beautiful poem…period. I feel it in a pensive, ponderous, mysterious and magical way. There is even a touch of whimsy to it. It moved me deeply and somehow magically made me forget myself and my daily challenges, and feel more vast, endless and hopeful….free and inspired. It is simply lovely. You are very gifted and come from your heart. And it is beautiful. Huge hugs from the great universe we share, Robin

  2. PS Also, LOVE this video and song. I had not heard it. It moves me to tears. I always love the music you share. It is music that makes me feel.

    Fly in spirit my friend, because your heart already soars. It always has. It is what I love about you.

    Love to you and your precious family,

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