The Blogger Takes A Vacation/ Washington DC In August 2010/ Lewis Black On The Daily Show

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Does anyone care? No. Well actually a few may care. I have been blogging for three years now and during that time I have been very fortunate to meet several wonderful folks who have become friends from different places on this earth. This is one of the major rewards for blogging as far as I am concerned. The other is the opportunity to express oneself through words or photos to all the world. Hey! In the history of mankind have we ever had this opportunity? In the past a few majorly talented people have found publishers who shared their amazing work with everyone via the power of the printing press.  But here we are in 2010 and anyone with a fundamental notion of SEO can also reach thousands of readers.

That’s pretty cool. They may only come back once or twice but that may be a fundamental marketplace issue. If it’s 1935 and you have two books on the shelf  you may get to know John Steinbeck very well. I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve to be known very well for his mesmerizing prose and his deep delving into the human psyche. I’m just saying that he had a captive audience in a sense while we are competing at every moment with the sensitivity of the mouse button and the hum of the refrigerator as it preys upon us with the  most primordial of messages “I have Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chips waiting for You”.

Life has changed a great deal in less than one hundred years. In 1910 we still believed that large ships were the best way to take a vacation and wars did not involve the entire world. America was an island that had managed to separate itself from the history of mankind by instilling a remarkable notion that men were free to raise themselves to the level of kings if they had monster ambitions. America was different although it carried within itself a cancerous contradiction that allowed certain men to be less than free. Women too could be property. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in parts and also wooed his slave mistress while he scintillated with the notion that freedom was a profoundly human right.

Darling you are free to swoon  anytime in my arms while the tall grass  sings us a blessed melody.   Be free!!   But just for a moment.

It is a shame that we cannot move beyond all of this. I am sure we will eventually if we do not lose our way and our love for freedom and invention. Perhaps China has found a better way? Should we become more like them as they become the leading energy consumer in the world according to the Wall Street Journal?

I prefer my leaders  to be subject to the needs and wants of the people. So next month I plan to journey up to Washington DC to see what is happening! I will take photos and write about it here in this blog while the summer heat and humidity try to do me in.

There will be a lot going on up there as the election season rises to a fever pitch. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are going to invade Lincoln’s Memorial on a date cherished now because Martin Luther King once  gave his famous speech there.  My own view is that these two should have left this date alone and maybe waited until October when it’s a bit cooler and the blogger would be more comfortable.   Although  I understand the symbolism. Robert Byrd hated Martin Luther King and  Glenn Beck too.

But he’s gone to his resting place now and we should move forward into the 21st century. All men and women should be free and each of them should not  owe 147,000 dollars to the U.S. Treasury.

Someday we will all find common ground. If I find it next month in Washington DC there will definitely be photos. But my hunch is that it will come to us all at different times as we reach the end of our stories and are each taking a well earned rest and a  breather .

Even if we are in a place that has no air to breathe but  allows  us to fly and see each other as the billions of stars we  are becoming.

I hope this adventure  will be about art because an  artist who loses his way in the political woods is a sorry creature indeed.   Maybe I should stop now before I frighten myself  into staying home within the comfortable confines of my  man cave FOREVER!—glenn-beck-s-nazi-tourette-s

One thought on “The Blogger Takes A Vacation/ Washington DC In August 2010/ Lewis Black On The Daily Show

  1. Lovely essay. Enjoy your time in DC, it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. I was stationed there in the early 80s and spent countless hours of my free time wandering the Smithsonian.

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