Happy Labor Day 2010/ Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki/ Lindsey Vonn/ Fixing Your Cell Phone After It Goes For A Swim

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I hope everyone had a really nice Labor Day 2010.  Now that it’s over and you are all going back to work I thought I would take a few moments from my fun activities and tell you how it went around here.

I awoke as usual around five am.  My body doesn’t know nor does it care about Labor Day.  All it knows is that we have regained consciousness after about five hours of sleep and a mouse must have been parked in my mouth during most of that time.  And then, after he decided to get up,  he ran around under my eyelids for a few minutes and left little mouse tracks on my eyeballs.   We need help from Rite Aid before the crack of dawn around here and it’s no use to just lay in the bed and try to go back to sleep.  My back tightens up  from being in one fairly supine position for several hours.  We don’t need to discuss what happens on very special nights when my calf muscles decide to play.

Fortunately it was a holiday and they were not on the schedule so I did the tuck and roll and managed to get up without too much of a problem.  Soon I had coffee and was riding my horse into Middle Earth to see if my hobbits, elves and dwarfs had gotten into any trouble while I was gone.  I talked with a few of my fellow gamesters around the world and then watched the sun come up (in the real world I can tell the difference) through the window.

B got up a few hours later and we talked about plans for the day which pretty much revolved around a trip to the pool and a barbecue with friends and family.   Zachary and Janet came over for awhile and Zachary mowed the grass.  Then he finished mowing the grass and tried to get me to give him more than the forty bucks I was already planning to give him.  But I took off in my car for the pool so we never finished that conversation.

Arriving at the pool I was listening to my mp3 player and sitting under an umbrella table with four chairs around it.  Everyone else was there including B’s daughter, S and her husband M.  (I don’t have their permissions to use their names so we will just call them S and M.)   I needed to go exercise because we normally exercise on Monday but B had already gone to the pool to swim laps and I was attempting to extend my alcohol free lifestyle into the third week.  Looking to the left there was the outdoor bar and  a big frosty Margareta  Mm Mm so good and on the right was the door to the exercise room.

And all that came to mind in there was a big fat man walking on the treadmill.  I looked back and forth a few times before deciding to go right.  I started walking on the treadmill and looking at the attached  television screen where  a pretty young woman was demonstrating how to make a big frosty Margareta for the Labor Day  festivities. Great. So I turned the channel and started watching the US Open where some guy was stretched out on the court taking a nap.  No.  Actually he was having a time out because of the heat.  Not a bad idea.  Zach came in and demonstrated some free weight exercises that left me wondering how to get up off the bench. Then it was back to the pool where I decided to go for a swim but apparently thought my mp3 player was the cell phone because I put it on the table and then proceeded to jump into the pool with the cell phone in my pocket.

No problem.  The phone started vibrating when it returned to dry land like it was really mad or something.  Then it stopped vibrating and hasn’t been heard from since.

We had some nice food and then I waved good-bye and returned home to watch one of my favorite tennis players, Maria Sharapova, lose to Caroline Wozniacki in straight sets 6-3 6-4 because most of the time all she did was stay back and volley until she made an unforced error.  Then I took a shower but apparently the soap was filmy because my body started itching terribly after I dried off and sat down to the computer.  I tried putting some Nivea creme  on a few itchy places on my arm but soon realized I couldn’t rub it over my entire body because it was leaving a white residue.

If B came home and saw me with white residue all over my body she would not be happy.  I’m not saying she would be surprised but she would wonder if there wasn’t at least one medical diagnosis I had missed in my litany of complaints.

So I tried putting on a flannel shirt because flannel seems to soothe the skin and after awhile things calmed down.  I took my restless legs medicine too because an attack of restless legs at this point would probably have resulted in a rash act by someone.

Actually I felt pretty good at this point because I was totally sober, not depressed and feeling good from exercising and swimming in the pool.  The grass was mowed too.  Zachary called and resumed the conversation about money because he needed to buy some school books.   I told him I would give him thirty dollars for two books but wait until tomorrow  because business hours were over for the day.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  So how was your Labor Day?  Did you spend it with family and friends?  Did your body itch too?  Just wondering.   Have fun at work and be happy you don’t stay home all day wrestling with body, mind and soul.   They need to have a Senior’s Labor Day for old fools.

Hopefully the weather will start cooling off soon.  Which is good because I need to go out again soon to buy some different soap and a cellphone if this one doesn’t start working again.   I did have one nice thing happen after the itching subsided.  I watched a Youtube video of Lindsey Vonn.  I just love this girl and have a great relationship with her on Facebook.

Along with several thousand other people.  Go Lindsey!

Update:  The cell phone spent the night in a bowl filled with uncooked white rice and this apparently solved its problem.  B said the rice would suck the moisture out of the phone and, in fact, you can no longer see any moisture under the view screen and it’s working like a charm.  What would I do without this girl?

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