Andrea Bocelli And Elise

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One of the problems I sometimes notice with older men is their ability to be entranced with the beautiful only when it presents itself within a limited category of beautiful things.  In other words. . . Oh what the hell!  You know what I am trying to say!  It doesn’t take an advanced degree in topography  to realize that older men are sometimes stopped in their tracks by younger women.

My theory is that it is  mostly the insanely repressed workaholic  who is one day mystified to find himself overwhelmed by  an intellectually challenged youngster with long, blond tresses and subtle (or not so subtle) curves topped off with a nice tan and lips that suggest heaven is not so far away.  This could be a guy with a long history of disciplined moral boundaries who just realizes one day that. . .

I AM getting older and can’t compete and will (probably) one day die!  And this is not something he will read about in the newspapers.  It’s going to be much more personal than that.

The problem is that he has for the most part ignored every beautiful image presented to him for a long time as nature and God tried to knock on his noggin and show him that beauty is all around us!  It is in nature and art.  It is here for us to enjoy every day as we travel down the most difficult paths.

All it asks is that we be open to it.  Certainly women (and men) are a most amazing repository of it.  But that is only the beginning.  When you see a bird in flight you are witnessing a beautiful event.  And when he watch this video you are witnessing beautiful light, color and sound.

Andrea Bocelli is at his best in this video.  He is tanned and looking great as is his gifted partner.  The sun is setting and everyone is in tune during this  moment of musical magic.

Here is the way an older man and a younger woman should be together.  Here is a moment where they can truly celebrate life together.

And we can celebrate it with them.

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