Walking In The Sun At Virginia Beach

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We are back at the beach this week and the weather has turned nice although a lot colder and it’s unlikely there will be any swimming on our exercise program.  This has not stopped the surfers of course and they are out early in their wet suits enjoying the large waves.  Here is one who seems to be contemplating the surf or having doubts about going in while the seagulls keep him company on the shore.

Surfing can be a lonely endeavor sometimes just like blogging.  You have to love it to get up early and do it.  There’s always the chance a shark may  munch on your leg or the board will hit you on your chrome domium. In any case it’s good to see the sun again and time to take the nature walk Robin has prescribed for my health and B has agreed to supervise so I don’t fall down and hurt myself.

It’s unlikely we will see any sharks on the boardwalk but there are maniacs on bicycles or skates whizzing around and they don’t stay on their separate path (speedway).

So it can be dangerous but putting yourself out there is always risky.  Asking questions or writing your thoughts down can provoke ridicule.  Attempting to do something may lead to mistakes or rejection of one sort or another.

I apologize for everything I have said or done that turned out not well.  But today is a new day.  All of that has been washed away and no longer exists because that is the nature of life if we accept the notion that it is so.

We are repositories of past thoughts and actions. They are gone but we carry an invisible load on our backs and in our souls.  I’m going out without mine this morning and walk in the sun.


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