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It’s Fall Festival time at Lord of the Rings Online.  I’m working on directions to the Haunted Burrow which is a very cool place.  Lots of scary and humorous inhabitants.  Here’s a new painting for the homestead.  And the eyes move! They follow you around the room.  How cool is that?

The Painting Of A Watchful Warg is huge!  It takes up a lot of wall space and is definitely an eye catcher.

Here are views of these new paintings in my kin house.

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I was tired of living in a cave so decided a few days ago to move to the elf village at Falathlorn Homesteads.   Although it is a little further from the beaten path the beauty of the surroundings makes up for it.  Plus I get bored from time to time and enjoy moving.  Spirits on the Rocks has inhabited all four homesteads in the past year.  But this will probably be its last move.

It costs about 20 gold to move!

Virginia Photos is all about blogging, senior moments and life in beautiful Virginia.  Check it out!  And if you are a senior who would enjoy a kinship with all the crafts represented through the supreme tier  and a very mellow level of activity let me know. I play LOTR daily and would enjoy some senior fellowship.

See you around Middle Earth!


Spirits On The Rocks

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