Top Ten Ways To REALLY Frighten Yourself This Halloween Season

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One.  Once settled in your hotel room take off all your clothes, turn on all the lights and sit or stand in front of one of those really big mirrors.

Two.  Ask your partner about the most exciting date she or he ever had.

Three.  Add up all the credit cards and other forms of debt.

Four.  Miss the flashing yellow light in the school zone but notice the cop looking at you from atop his motorcycle in the school driveway.

Five.  Remember at 11am that you had a 10 am appointment for a really important deal.

Six.  Go to a very tall building and stick your head out over the railing to see the view.

Seven.  Fall asleep in a strange place and wake up to find a ghostly arm sticking out of the wall grasping your hand.

Eight.  Dream that there is a smiling crocodile in the window of your bedroom and he wants to play.

Nine.  Walk alone in the wilderness where there are bears and hear something going on in the bushes.

Ten.  Look up in the sky at night and see a really large V-shaped craft with many lights silently fly overhead at about 1000 miles per hour.

You probably have a very different list.  But these are things I’ve experienced at one time or another in the past six decades. It’s kind of strange but I am remember moments of great physical danger that were not scary at all.  It’s mostly just stuff that plays with your head.  But  I can’t begin to imagine how some people are able to launch themselves into space from an airplane.  Or scuba dive in caves.  Or do many other things.  I’m such a wimp.

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