Love Finds Its Way Into The Cave/ Autobiography Of A Yogi/ Paramahansa Yogananda

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Early morning.  Light penetrates the room as the blogger sits before his monitor reading kind words from two of his favorite blogging buddies.   Another monitor beams a signal from NY as the amusing curmudgeon Imus talks about the “beady” eyes of the young business announcer.  He goes to great lengths to promote his new compilation of fine music and kids with cancer who will enjoy a week at the wilderness ranch because of it. His throat hurts. He has prostate cancer. Businessmen irritate him and he wants to murder one who suggests a quid pro quo for donating 250 thousand to the ranch.

The blogger wonders how much longer this icon can produce such an  iconoclastic (some would say bombastic) morning program in the midst of so much boring sameness.   He walks the edge of the Grand Canyon every day and apparently sees the  ranch in the distance.  Will he fall (again) and leave us to the tender mercies of  Today and Good Morning America?

The blogger opens a packet of mail and gazes at the photo of the Avatar.  No.  It’s not the movie.  It’s a photo of Paramahansa Yogananda smiling as he sits on the ground and plays a musical instrument.

Is the blogger a kind person?  He wonders as Imus goes on about Charlie Sheen and his medication.

A loud sound comes from the open window.  It is a bird singing so loudly that his song drowns out Imus.  He must be just beyond the screen because the sound is huge.

Sitting at his desk the blogger once again gazes at the serene face before him and realizes what has happened.

Nature has been drawn to this moment. Love has found its way into the cave.

He inwardly smiles as music fills the room.

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