Mystery Missile Launch California/ UFO Leaving Home Base/ Everyone Needs A Vacation

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Why is it that every time a UFO takes off near a major US city there is such a commotion?  Did it hit anything?  Of course not.  UFO’s have advanced guidance systems and can turn on a dime.

I’ve been watching shows on The History Channel lately and they have gone into great detail about the skillful flying ability of your average little gray guy.  He is pretty good.  They do sometimes crash, of course, but they make every effort to avoid landing on something or somebody when they fall out of the sky.

But getting back to the event out there in LA what is the problem?  It really was a beautiful sight as the sun reflected off the trail the object left behind.  When UFO’s  come out of the water they will for some reason leave a trail of water vapor from time to time.  And, let’s face it, if they are going to fly around inhabited areas it is vastly preferable they do it in the bright light of day.

There’s just something a little spooky about a UFO in the dark of night making it’s way back home.

So let’s just relax and enjoy the spectacle!  And the laughs as the military tries to scramble up an explanation.  Or some tech guy starts talking about a jet taking off from LAX.   Let’s consider that one for just a second.  If it was a jet taking off why did they say there was no evidence of it on radar?  And if it was a jet taking off wouldn’t they say exactly which jet it was?

The military says it wasn’t a missile.  Check.  I believe them although it is curious when one remembers the story about the jet airliner downed over Long Island Sound back in the Clinton era.  There were many rumors back then about an errant missile taking it down.

But it seems unlikely that a missile was launched since the thing reportedly changed course.

A UFO, of course, has no problem changing course.

There are hundreds of  UFO sightings every year in this country and it is really time to have a better conversation about them.  Kudos to The History Channel for presenting much  information to the world about them.

If this “missile launch” over California turns out to be a mundane event it really won’t matter much.  There are still many unexplained cases.  Spectacular sightings are documented for all to see who are willing to consider the possibility we are not alone in a very large universe.

Good luck little gray buddies!  Have fun on your vacation!  And thanks for waking us all up briefly from our perpetual slumber!

Now that the election is over and the holidays are almost upon us we all need a break.  Even the new California governor.   What is his name?

How Jerry Brown became Governor Moonbeam

NY Times

4 thoughts on “Mystery Missile Launch California/ UFO Leaving Home Base/ Everyone Needs A Vacation

  1. I too have been watching the History channel lately and have realized how gifted flyers these “UFOS” are. The military seem to always have an explanation when these sitings occur even when the explanation they give doesn’t fully make sense. I agree that we need to start acknowledging them that they exist.

  2. The missile launch was a UFO for sure. I know it was not a plane because the day of the launch I checked flight schedules and there was no commercial jet in the area due to leave at that time. Now, some government dude says a plane was scheduled to leave about that time. Not when I looked at commercial schedules so they have added it after the fact.

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