Sunday Meditation

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Well here we are and it’s Sunday.

Day of rest.

Day of reflection.

Day before Monday.

I’m feeling much better thanks for asking and really have to send a shout out to the pharmaceutical industry for mass producing liquid remedies for the common cold. I’m sure they are not bio-degradable and will probably kill me at some point but for now things are much better and I try to live in the present moment.

SOMEBODY has allowed a bunch of children to play in their backyard in our neighborhood because I can hear them through the window yelling and laughing. Kids are just different, aren’t they? They don’t sit and talk and have conversations. They run around and jump up in the air and say whatever pops in their shiny little heads. I know this is true because I can hear them out of my right ear which is pointed towards the window. My other ear is listening to the History International Channel which is detailing mystery tunnels people have built over the years. Secret passages. Burrows.

Prohibition! Now there’s a good reason to build a bunch of tunnels under your house.

Today would be an excellent day to go out and take some fall foliage photos. But B doesn’t want me to go outside because I’m still technically sick and we were brought up to believe you recover more quickly indoors. I’m not sure this is true. Also I also need to go out and make a video for a contest Robin is running at this very moment. So I am conflicted.

It’s tiring to be conflicted when you are sick. Maybe I should take a nap. Somebody took the kids away so the window speaker is silent. No lawn mowers, bush whackers, mystery missiles or sirens (there’s a rescue station up the road that stays busy).

History International is muted because there is a commercial happening. I don’t mind watching a commercial one time because I understand the need for commerce, jobs and a functioning society but you can’t make me watch your stupid pitch more than once and I need to know when the program has returned. So muting does the job. I need a mute that responds to sound so I don’t have to stop typing in order to make it work.

Like this one that doesn’t seem to work very well so nobody wants one in their home. Widgets

Including me.

So it’s peaceful for the moment. 


It is Sunday here in River City.

Be at peace within and without.


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