Revenge Of The Turkeys/ Government Gropers And Airport Security 2010

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Next week thousands of holiday travelers will hit the airports for their first dose of holiday fear.  Oh wait, cheer.  Sorry.  I’m sure the airport bars will be doing a good business as our intrepid airline adventurer makes a concerted effort to lift -off prior to having his groin area probed for hidden weapons of one sort or another.

While getting toasted prior to flight it might be a good time to remember the plight of the forgotten dinner guest, the Thanksgiving turkey, who will be prodded and undressed/dressed  prior to the great day.   He doesn’t have a choice!  And he will endure the dreaded cavity search unlike the flying public who will no doubt finally throw off their shackles if this day ever should arrive.

No amount of tank topping off will rectify this nightmare scenario of pretend proctologists pursuing their tasks.  It seems like what they are doing now is attempting to feel the outside of the cave to determine if anything is IN the cave. When on earth (or the moon or Uranus) will the government figure out that Americans are not cattle or sheep or turkeys?  You don’t round them up and send them down the chute because this is the way we mass produce a “safe” product sausage or baloney?

Could all of this be karmic retribution?  Is there are turkey somewhere clucking with laughter in some high government office awaiting the holiday rush?  “Now they will know what it feels like to be crowded together in long lines, feathers flying, screams of dismay,  all the while wondering where the harsh light, metal doors and strange smells lead.

But then they will give you a choice!  No. . sorry not THAT choice.  Both your son and daughter will have to go through this process.  Your choice is between having your (and their) private parts i.e. junk photographed OR felt.  Have a good scream over that one but try to remain cool at the same time because if you act “weird” and decide to run to the safety of your car and  home you may find yourself in the gentle embrace of a burly guard.

Under arrest for acting “suspiciously”.  You are guilty you know.  Remember what you did to that Thanksgiving turkey?

Personally I don’t plan to fly again unless it is some family emergency until this exploitation of the airways is something  America has trashed.   If enough people stop flying it will result in some sort of change.  Airline pilots have already made their point.   Imagine screening the person who can fly the jet into a mountain if he feels like it.

A turkey must have been in charge of this plan because a small brain is definitely at work here.

I’m sorry.  I don’t mean to insult this wonderful bird by comparing him to a politician or a government administrator.

I may fly if there is an emergency.  But I bet many children will not fly even then (unless for a funeral perhaps).   It’s really the children who are the main point of all of this.  We teach them about the dangers of adults touching them.   Will it help if the person has  a badge?

I don’t think so. I AM NOT a turkey!

It is going to be very interesting next week to watch all of this unfold.


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