An Autistic Child Is Found In The Woods/ Richmond, Virginia

David's Words



He walks the paths that run through the school and around the lake of the U because he is determined there will be less of him in the weeks and years to come.  

Disease will find less of him to sink into the ground.  Perhaps he will become light enough to fly.  Yes, eventually he will fly.  It may be tomorrow or thirty years from this day.  But he imagines the space above the lake and tries to elevate.  

Yes, it can be done.  So he walks more miles and meditates.  

A few miles from this  trek a young boy is lost in the woods.  Autistic he is called and silently he wanders where there are no paths.  Leaves of various shades of red and orange are gems in his eyes.  But clouds gather and the sparkling subsides.

The nights are dark but warm.  He wanders far from home.

Friday comes and the search proceeds along with prayers, tears and a light, cool mist.  Later in the day the temperatures will drop and this moisture will turn to sharp blades of rain.  

The old man walks and thinks of the boy.  He feels the recent treachery from someone far in his  past who suddenly returns to place a blade between his shoulder blades.  The world seems a silent and unforgiving place. But the colors are bright and the trees are alive.    

And his Guide is here.  He asks Him to go to the boy.  Find the silent child and bring him home.
““If all of this is not just my imagination. . . “Touch Me!”  For I am in him and he is in me.”  

He walks more miles and the burdens of the world are upon him.  So he turns towards his home but still remembers his vision, “Touch Me”.  

“Beyond this world and its egregious ways there is peace and solitude.”  He feels strong arms  and rises far above his fading notion of himself.   

And  then, before the dark night and pounding, cold rain move upon the earth the boy is found.  Like a small bird in a large nest of stone he is curled up in a quarry when they come upon him as the man returns home.  

They look at him as if he is strange.  Because they do not understand his ways.  Ah, but there are miracles here on this dreary Friday as students carry their books around the U.  Learn,  my children.  Be full of grace.  Rise above this heavy place.  Be alive and hurt no one.  Turn your eyes towards the reflected light of the sun. 

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