Losing weight/ It’s Not Very Entertaining

D's Writing

My wife’s six month old grandson was with us today and I picked him up at one point.  He weighs about 17 pounds and when I picked him up he was in his little carrier that goes in the car.  Altogether I was lifting 25 to 27 pounds and it was pretty heavy bundle of cute baby.  But then I started thinking. . . I have lost about 25 pounds in the last four months!  I was carrying around this much extra weight!

That’s a lot of fat.  Uggh.

Of course, very little of this has any entertainment value.  Putting up little boxes on Facebook  “walked 6.2 miles today”  day after day tends to wear out the audience I suppose.  But you can’t lose site of the primary goal.  This is a way of life.  It’s more important than blogging or writing or taking photos.  It’s the daily grind.  And eventually it will become as second nature as brushing ones teeth.

We don’t need to put that up on FB of course.

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