The Easy Way To Lose Weight

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Walking is, perhaps, one of the easiest ways to lose weight in a world where we are surrounded by so many eating temptations and sedentary activities.  It doesn’t require a lot of motivation.  And one doesn’t have to deal with hunger on a regular basis or avoid those tasty treats.   Hmm chocolate.  Life pretty much goes on as normal, in fact, except for the fact that every month the average guy or girl can suddenly go to  the closet and finds clothes that fit once more.  Why not. . .

1.  Eat what you like (as long as it’s not going to hurt your body in other ways).

2. Wear your favorite clothes.

3. Feel better.

4. Avoid weight-related maladies.


So let’s see….  We can sit at the computer an extra 90 minutes per day or go outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Some decisions in life are not very difficult.  But they do require a change in habits  and there-in lies the rub.  Because it is never easy to uproot the daily routine.  We are like trees that continually seek moisture in all the wrong places.  Anyone who has one growing near a water line understands this well.  The roots will eventually cause problems .   In a similar way our habits, over time, cause problems that are easy to overlook.

So it is not easy to fix a weight problem.  But it is easy to lose weight.

All that is required is to put one foot in front of the other for a relatively short period of time.  Ninety minutes per day.  And there are things we can do to make this time more enjoyable.  Listen to music and plan different routes around places and things you enjoy.  The holiday season is particularly attractive in neighborhoods where folks have decorated their yards.  Nature is willing to help out from time to time with weather you cannot appreciate indoors and views of lakes and trees (in the right places), birds in flight and magnificent sunsets.  Meditation and prayer can be inspirational during these times as our normal trains of thought are interrupted for awhile.  The rhythm of walking itself is music, like the beating of a drum, and when this happens to coincide with one of your favorite tunes on the IPad an inspiring moment is not far behind.

Empty your mind of all negative thoughts and fears as you walk.  Become the ancient walker who is part of nature and must travel on foot to survive.  Leave this complicated world and, for a few moments, become part of the earth, the paths, the streams and the sky.

You will look forward to walking.  And when you miss a day it just won’t feel right.  Because a new habit has been established and, as we all know, it is difficult to break a habit.  Even a good one.  So play a trick on yourself this season as we ready ourselves to enjoy more holiday meals.  Turn your life upside down and watch what falls out of your pockets!  It will not be your money!

You may have a few difficult moments in the beginning but they will pale in contrast to the alternative.   And, if you have difficulty getting started, try this.  Find a small 5 or 10 pound weight and leave it on your bedside table.  Every morning, as you get out of bed, pick it up!   Do you really want to carry a few of these around,  every moment of every day, for the rest of your life?  If you are lazy (as I often am) you will  realize you must make this small effort to reap the larger gain.

Who is in charge of your life, after all? 


Some good walking music! Coldplay and their great tune Major Minus!

[audio:|titles=08 – Major Minus]






2 thoughts on “The Easy Way To Lose Weight

  1. I walk some. But I tore the quadriceps tendons off my left knee in July. Surgery in August. Started playing golf again in late November. Still don’t like walking much, but do quite a bit of it on the golf course. My darling wife of amost 55 years runs about 5 miles every morning. I follow along on the bike.

    Now, If I wouldn’t eat everything in site, I’d lose some weight.

    I’ve got lots of “will” power, but not enough “won’t” power.

    Re your comment on The Villages: I don’t think that young woman has a blog, but I didn’t ask. I did like her golf car, though (they call them “cars” in The Villages)…it doesn’t appeared rigged to carry golf clubs so that’s a bummer.

    1. Well it sounds like you are fighting back Lowell! Biking is good exercise. Five miles is good. It’s difficult not to eat the good things! I have this fantasy that if I can get down to 180 lbs. the restless legs will get better. So my feeling is there really has to be some serious motivation to “go low”. Does your wife run half marathons by any chance? Sounds like she is in pretty good shape!

      That “car” really is symbolic of life in Florida where there are many golf courses and life on and off the fairways tends to overlap. 🙂

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